They're all going to hell!

te he he



Definitely a blonde moment there, I took about 30 seconds to get it, and then fell off my chair laughing. Excellent.

lol, nice pic!

lol good one!

it took me 10 seconds!!!

when i noticed the gezzer in the speedo’s i sussed it

Very funny guy`s.

sorry …a minute now and i still aint got it

look at jesus he is the y and the next one spells m and the next one spells c and the next one spells a

so they are trying to do the ymca song

thanks Ginger…thats made my day…had a good laugh…guess it was just too easy for me to understand

and you cant be sent to Hell for an innocent bit of humour

is that terry moto in the background

Well it definatly ain’t you, with your bulk the picture would have fell off the wall

Blonde moment here too 15secs still made me piss myself laughing!!!

Very funny pic…