They should cut hands of thiefs

I parked my bike on my friends business premises driveway and left my helmet on the bike. After 10 minutes came back and saw the helmet had gone. London is becomming worse then some third world countries when it comes to theiving.

Bad luck. How did you get home?

At least now you have an excuse to get a new (looking) helmet.

I think some parts of London have been far worse than most other countries for some time. Don’t leave anythng unattended.

mate thats london for ya, never…ever…leave anything unattended or out of your sight:)

I think that sort of thing happens everywhere, not just london.

Personally I dont leave my lid on the bike, I rarely leave it using the helmet lock. As Jay says its how you get home, not to mention the expense replacing it.

as in you locked it to the bike and they forced it off, or you just left a valuable portable item perched on top of your bike?

Sorry to hear the thieving little Bstards stole your lid :frowning:

Opportunist crime is rife everywhere. Don’t give them the opportunity.

i had the same kind of thing happen to me back when i had my divvy

parked it in camden as i was up there for a night out. stowed my lid and my jacket in my top box, and forgetfully i left my MP3 player in the inside pocket.

came back to it a few hours later to find they had broken all of the top boxes on all the bikes in the bay, stolen my lid and cut my jacket to ribbons trying to steal the mp3 player out of the inside pocket. so i was down a lid and an mp3 player and had a jacket that made me look like an extra out of thriller.

i had to get the night bus home (2 hours) then get my old man to drive me back into central london at 4am with a spare lid (1 hour) then drive home with just a hoodie on. luckly it was summer. (1 hour)

so i think i owe the barstewards who did it 4 hours of pain and agony in repayment if i ever find them then im gonna nick £200 worth of stuff that they only just bought.

rant over :frowning:

Sorry to hear that some scumbag nicked your lid but it was your own stupid fault in the first place for leaving it there.

everyone acts stupid sometimes apart from you because God made you perfect:hehe:

oh damn, where was the lion king when we needed him huh?.


everything happens for a good reason. First of all that helmet had become ****. The friend I was visiting sells helmets and motorbike gear so he gave me a helmet free. Also he had the hein Gerike extreme wheather gortex black jacket and trousers which he had bought as samples he also gave that to me that day. so someone took one thing from me and God gave me alot.

See, It’s the circle of life helmets:)

That’s the baddest pun I’ve seen for a long time.

Have you no pride ? He’s clearly not taking it lion down which is good to see :-):hehe:

He’s been warned Timon time again not to leave it in Plane view :stuck_out_tongue:

Your jokes are going to Skar me for life :wink:

It’s Simbalic of the society we live in today:D

Thats enough you 3, step away form the keyboard