They say Bad Luck comes in 3's....

Well I hope there’s no more bad luck coming my way!!

Saturday I went to visist my mum in Reading (60 mile journey) with my missus and my kiddies as you do… Soon as I got to Reading my exhaust fell off and my front brakes also are now worn down to bare metal judging from the grinding sound! lol. I bought the car for my missus to learn in so it’s just a crappy little 1.1 saxo ‘S’ reg. There’s also a rattling noise when dumping the clutch, so I took it to the garage this morning to get a quote to fix these things… Quoted me £550+VAT!! I only paid £600 for the car in January, lol!! And yes I drove the car back from Reading on Sunday tut, tut!! BADLUCK No.1

Bought a Triumph Speedtriple '99 model on Monday. The bike came with a fresh MOT (Been done that morning) although not mint condition it is fairly clean, very little corrosion, just a couple of 'lil clips on hoses showing signs of corrosion. It needs a good service as it’s not been doing anything for best part of a year. Rode it to work yesterday, fine… On the way home the Chain decides it wants to break free just before getting to blackfriars bridge (southbound)!! Really annoyed as the chain apeared fine, no slack, not too tight and it was very shiney… Only upon recovering the chain the inside of the chain had seen better days (Although I should have checked this, hence why I was so friggin annoyed). Luckily for me whilst I waited for the RAC there was a boozer where I had come to a halt the Blackfriars Monk I think it’s called on the corner… 2hrs later + 4 pints of Guiness RAC man picks me up!! BADLUCK no.2

So, the RAC can only take my bike 10miles for free then it’s £7per mile, so I thought if I get hime to drop me and the bike at a garage in Shirley where I get my MOTs done, it’s only 11miles away, and I could jump on a bus for the remaining 2miles to my gaff and then in the morning I can sort out with the garage getting the chain and sprocket fixed… Went there this morning with BADLUCK No.1 car, lol… The bike was still there phew!! BUT the only bike mechanic as it’s a car garage had litterally just gone on a 2week holiday!! KAPOW BADLUCK No.3

So now I’m Car and bikeless, and can barely afford the 2weeks travelling by train to work!! HAPPY DAYS HEY!!!

when it rains it pours as they say!!! without wanting to lecture, forget the bike for a bit, sort the car with no brakes that you kart your missus and kid round in!! can get a set of pads on a saxo in less than an hour and £20 :slight_smile:

have you checked your tuesday ticket, someone in the uk won £160million yesterday :w00t:

Not one number on the lotto!!

sorry dude i feel your pain, not been lucky myself either lately…isnt the lottery supposed to be today?

i’m confused…:doze:

That sucks mate :frowning: hope you get nothing more after those three!