They made a mini CBR600

Very realistic scaled down CBR600




say no to crack ppl:D

The CBR is in danger of dissappearing in the folds of his arse crack!

That guy is massive. :w00t:

ive followed a few with a view similar to that …oopppss shuts up and hides in a corner!!!:D:D:D

I wonder what PSI he is running his rear tire!
:smiley: :w00t:

i wonder howmany miles he got b4 the tyres blow out!!:slight_smile:

I saw someone of similar dimensions on a bike a couple of weeks ago down Goodge St one evening (I was paying a visit to the delivery address of some twunt who tried to order stuff on my mrs credit card) - he was MASSIVE ! Can’t remember what bike though, might have been a CB500 or something.

Well i have a friend that s not that big, but he can ride a superbike, better then small guys…

Please dont make jokes with big guys, then are always great persons…:wink:

imagine the preload on that

i actually thought it was sized down until i looked at both pics for a min. they should have a size limit for riders.

my instructor was pretty fat but he was bike crazy. a 40k bike built with his own hands. i dont know what he’s done but its a gsxr 750 all carbon fibre and the only thing gsxr about it are the looks.

the dude at the top has his own built in paddock stand :smiley:

Cor blimey…thats a sight :w00t:

wow! thats a whole lota man!! :w00t:

Kawasaki are making the ninja mini too!!


a little warning! :sick: (its lunch time) :sick:

POOR BIKES what did they ever do to deserve that kinda treatment :w00t:

Wanna lighten your bike leave the carbon alone and hit Fitness First.