they cant even get up a small hill


guy at 1.50!!! that would be me!

10.20, bet he tried just a bit harder to hold onto that bike!

its like that roll the cheese down the hill game - only that the riders are the cheese!! LOL

hahah you could see his heart wasn’t in it, the bloke at 1:50 saw the other geezers trying it before him and though ‘f*ck this for a laugh, I’m gonna just ditch it on purpose before I get up there and smash my bike up’ :smiley:

I sat through that wincing at every attempt - all those poor bikes!!! :pinch:

the couple at 630 that ended up in that post made me think otherwise

be honest all of you… you were all thinking: “that doesn’t look to difficult” until the camera panned down the slope to show the extent of the incline! :smiley:

Not really.

I love these. Next time there’s a UK hill climbing event can we do an LB ride out there?

I think it’s a bit of a waste. Children in Africa could use those bikes etc.

The definition of a Hill Climb in the UK is somewhat different to this sort of thing -

Not aware of anywhere that does this form of it, wouldn’t be surprised though if there’s someplace hilly out of the way where it goes on, maybe Wales?