They arrived today... bargain

Okay the new leathers arrived today, which i got for a real bargain may i add, 70% off :smiley:

All i need now is the bike to go with them and a nice girl to help me in and out of them cause its well awkward with the design of the zips…

Westie if you wear a wig i’ll consider you :w00t:

The bike i’ll be getting when im back next year…

The following space is waiting to be filled by the person who is going to help me in and out of the leathers. Apply with in to fill the space…

Haha…mine came today as well.Don’t really want to put a pic up on LB, if facebook was anything to go by :w00t:

they look uncomfy:laugh: but not to worry ktm made them so will fall apart after 500 miles:D

Actualy they where made by Dainese :stuck_out_tongue:

Tease :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice collection of Dragons you’ve go going on there!

There the old mans. Some bloomin expensive ones there too, i should kknow i brough alot of them. I always go looking for the special ones which i know nobody else will get him

couple of them look like the four elements from Danbury

they look okis :-):slight_smile:

Not jalous at all :rolleyes:

Oh my gahhhhhhhhhh that bike :w00t:



nice bike !!!

I have a deep inner smile :stuck_out_tongue:

What leathers are they?

ASBO, get older sd-r, they look great! that new one looks like standard sd :stuck_out_tongue:

The only difference is the seat (standard seat instead of tiny wooden plank).
I think I would have gotten this one if it was available.

Id have gone for the SD if they still had the 2 versions, i wanted a pillion seat.

Actualy your not quite right there bud. Its down on power by 7bhp and i think it doesnt have the same headers as the old SDR, think it is the same the standard SD had from what everyone is saying but im waiting to hear from a reliable source if that is actualy the case.

There’s some discussions about this on the SD forum.
I understood it doesn’t have the SDR headers but still the SDR engine. I could be wrong though.

TBH. I think the current SDR is only better on track, from what I understand, what it gains in the top end, it looses in the midrange.
I love the SDR styling though :Wow: