These police are awesome bikers!

Hats off to these guys.

You don’t have to be riding for a long time to know that aint easy!

piece of cake, didn’t you notice the anti-tip panniers? :slight_smile:

what are anti-tip panniers?

lol you kidding me right? :smiley:

The two big white things on either side of the bike at the rear?

Not got a clue what they really are or how they work though, so do share!

Yea i was going to get some of them ‘A.T’ panniers but seeing as i’v already got anti-tip handlebars,levers , indicators,footrests , and engine covers i didn’t bother :slight_smile:

Im sure those ATP’s are the ones that generate anti-gravity fields underneath each one. The powersources are held in the compatments - fusion reactors that exhaust fresh air, albeit radio active. When they are fired up the bike will raise a few inces so be prepared for that.

Once properly calibrated for the weight of the bike and rider. These manoevers are well easy, just thow the bike around and the ATP’s will generate a greater anti-grav force the closer to the ground they get thus stabilising and allowing much faster direction changes as the bike feels like it weighs nothing! Amazing!

Also I bet learning that on tax-payers motorbikes is much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

lolol :D:D:D:D:D The kind of technology used in the anti gravity boards in ‘Back to the Future 2’

I WANT MY 1.20 min back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you the Japanese police riders doing this?:cool:

Easier bike I’m sure, but!:smiley:

wow some awesome sarcasm round here:ermm:

lol easy tiger, we’re just yanking your chain, no such thing as anti tip panniers :D:P

You’re joking iv’e just spent an hour looking for some on Ebay. :D:D:D

I reckon it might be worth a visit to the Dragons Den?

american police…rubbish
american police bikes…rubbish
american police bike competition…rubbish
american police bike competition but with motle crue’s kickstart my heart in the background…amazing :smiley:

No idea:)

Notice Rioting Rob has not picked up on this thread yet - seen his anti tip panniers in action at BM, don’t think they worked then either:w00t:

(sorry Rob couldn’t resist)

Yeah, I heard about that little accident. Glad I weren’t there :hehe: