These Headphones Any Good?

Looking for some headphones for the bike and also gym/running, decided to spend a little more than normal to get some proper quality and comfort…

Sooo…what do people think of these:

If not them, what do people recommend? Not looking to spend over 50 quid unless there’s some very convincing reasons why!

You get a lot of fake Bose on ebay.

Personally I wouldn’t touch those with a bargepole unless they were sold by someone close to London and you could go and plug your ipod in and make sure they sound how they should before handing over any wonga.

Headphones are all really subjective and it depends on what you are listening to as to what you’ll need and what will sound better to you - but there’ll be a lot of help here, and doubtless someone will have asked the same question as you recently if you can be bothered to trawl through the posts.

Outside of spending the time to get an acoustics degree, my next option seems to be skimming through there and picking a set at random…so…



ive got em they are good but after 1 hour with lid on get a bit painfull

I’ve got them as well.

Inside the lid, find them fine, no problems at all and like most Bose products, excellent sound quality.

Doing some phys, don’t find them that good, feel as if they’re going to fall out - they haven’t but they just don’t feel that secure.

Same with any specialist forum … you get people who think they know what they’re talking about and away they go :Whistling: :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread might help? Makes the fair point that if you are running - you won’t really notice the difference in sound between a £200 pair and a £20 pair.

I’ve got a pair of CX500’s that cost £15 on … they’re £11 now on there … and they sound good for how much they cost … but … it can be hard work getting them to stay in when putting your lid on. Once you get there though - they stay put and are comfortable. Probably user error more than a fault with them.

Perhaps a better way to go would be to get a cheap pair that sound better than the standard crap they throw in with mp3 players for running/gym … and a half decent non too expensive pair that sound better for on the bike?

Right I got some CX500s off Play, will see what they sound like and go from there!

I suppose my question was like “what’s a good bike to buy?” to anyone that knows about headphones, so good to get some kind of idea!

Bose make the most expensive pile of cr*p I’ve ever heard.

Just about anything from Ultrasone and AKG will give you better value for money compared to the generic Bose sound.

If you’re looking for a decent set of intra-auriculaires or etymiotics, then have a look at the AKG K390C. They have active noise cancelling too :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer super-auricular headphones so I can’t help :slight_smile:

I’ve listened with those pose triports and I ound them to sound good. Can’t comment on value though.

i have had the cx3000’s for a while now and they aren’t too bad… has some kickarse advice and reviews; also got some good makes that aren’t that well known like Klipsch and SoundMagic.

I only every use Sennheiser ear phones and head phones. The sound quality is great and they don’t cost the earth.

I don’t know about the Bose but I use Etymotic ER6i in ear phones and they fit fine under my Arai. They cut out more background noise than my regular ear plugs which means that you don’t have to turn the volume up to 11 to hear the music clearly. They are bit pricier than the Bose, but I’ve had mine over 4 years now and they have been good but I have had to replace the squishy bit as they started to get a bit gruby.

If you want to know more about how crap BOSE is try the following page and resources it points to. There is some interesting reading there, a long with some research into their “superior” products.

And this link in particular from that page makes really interesting reading

+1 I brought a pair of CX200 and they great and not expensive. If your looking towards expensdive head phones and for the bike, i would try and get one where the ear piece is moulded from you ear. But your looking at a lot of cash to do that :w00t:

I use these every day on the bike, I find these better than the sennheisers as there’s more to them which makes inserting them easier, they came with both silicon & comply foam tips, I find the foam tips really comfortable & secure (I find the silicon tips can slip out too easily) even for prolonged use & the noise reduction is better than anything else I’ve tried (even better than my custom made hearing protectors). they also have an in line volume slider which is really convenient.

There are also fake sennheisers on eBay (I bought some) so I bought from Amazon for peace of mind.

I’m using two pairs at the moment, both sennheisers has excellent prices on them. In ear im using these-

Very good for the price, for that money im sure you wont find better quality.

For running and the gym theolder version of these -

Great for running as they dont fall out and they also dont seal completly so you can still hear the traffic thats about to mow you down :slight_smile:

These are fantastic:

You shove them right into your brain so they do not protrude out of your ear. You can wear them on all day rideouts and not notice them at all. They also act as ear plugs. Win:Win.

Bose headphones are okay, but I wouldn’t touch their hifi with a barge-pole.

Now if you want some proper good quality ** over-the-ear headphones** that last and last, are comfy and give excellent sound quality, then Senheissers are good … the HD25-1 …

Industry standard for lots of professionals … sound engineers, camera men, producers, DJs … I could go on. Also, all the parts are end-user replaceable.

Another vote for Senn CX300 II, excellent sound and good all-day comfort under a lid. :slight_smile:

But rather than spend £30 on Amazon, or even £18 on, I use where the Black are currently £14.49 & White £13.89 - inc delivery.

Got some CX500s of play for 11.99 in the end.

Like the look/reviews of the er6f (?) ones though if I feel like spending a bit more next time.