Thermals?? Which to buy??

Oxford ChillOut or Knox Cold Killers???

Or any other types can people recommend?

much better than those i find are EDZ thermal linings…:slight_smile:

i forgot about those…

I’ve got a few different thermal tops but I need some trews as my thermal linings are too bulky and difficult to put on over my boots :frowning:

Spada Chill Factor would get my vote…90% of retailer will stock them or you can buy them online from Feridax. :slight_smile:

I’ve got Infinity’s own ‘Climate Control’ thermals and they are very warm indeed- if a bit pricey at 40 odd quid

My Rukka coolmax top is very good both winter and summer. I also use a micro fleece, thanks to Baby J for that piece of advice, now that is nice and warm.

I use M&S thermals.

Damart, bought online.

Soccer World / Lillywhites at Lakeside (ski wear) I think they are Campari, top and bottoms for £15, used them in the cold snap before Xmas very warm!:slight_smile: Good quality at a great price!

just got some from ASDA £7 bargain for a tightwad like me :slight_smile:

and they work ok for me under leathers warm as toast.

I use army surplus thermals, cost me £9 for top n bottoms, do the job fine :smiley:

I bought ASDA cheapo stuff… not worth it really.

Now use Marks n Sparks thermals, and are very good indeed.

Racer Thermal clothing . . . on offer at our very own Hanger lane store £49 the set :slight_smile:

M&S thermals get my vote, they’re brilliant.

Ive got the chill out kit and its crap, I use M&S thermals now and there so much better and cheaper :smiley:

Bought a set of the EDZ studd from the NEC show - Have to say that in the cold snap before christmas they made me TOASTY WARM!.. apparently they are pretty good as summer wear to wick heat/ sweat too… though obvioulsy not had a chance to put that to the test :slight_smile:

i just got some from the market . top and bottoms for £5.

skin flint maybe but i got some for yamwind and he comes home from work saying how hot he was today when all his work mates are saying how bloody cold they are lol

i got some for me and yams sis as weareall gong to thefeb freezer rally its in kent and on top of a hill (no wind restistent there ) so you can gess how bloody cold you get one year when i opend the tent there was ice all over the top of the tent …and every wear lol.

so im going to be nice and warm this year :stuck_out_tongue: