There's hope for me yet.......

Apparently the kit I need is £2.5k from Canada, and I’ll need to get throttle and front brake controls moved but…

I don’t think Mrs Johnse1’s going to be happy…:smiley:

There’s a track biker around called the “one arm bandit” as well.

There is a post somewhere on here about him.

Yeah I’ve seen him, but I don’t think he uses a false arm, and I’m not sure I could do it without…but the kit the guy had in the video looks the dogs swingers…now where’s my credit card:)

Mate, if he can do it anyone can, it’s just a matter of practice and an auto clutch :wink:

I can fit the Dakar with one for £600.

John, nice to see you have great spirit and want to go back to riding. Some time ago you’ve said never again. Now I’m understand the reason to have surgery to bring movement to your arm. You wanna ride again you cheeky!!! Well, I can say that I’m happy to see you feel that way. That was nice to see you yesterday. :slight_smile:

well said Pav,

go for it johnse!

some reason he reminded me of R2D2:D

Very cool, that is some good techonology there, although kinda worried about how ‘strapped in’ the arm would be in the event of the bike going down…

is really interesting, the guy has lost his right arm like you and has moved the throttle over to the left, on a honda bros, and he has two levers, one clutch and one brake!

You can’t keep good bikers down (or off of bikes!) - go for it John!
True biker spirit! :slight_smile:

I know a nice Husky that is coming up for sale:P

Did you look at that Aprilia item I sent you… not sure what contraptions it has though? :slight_smile:

what happens if its the other arm???

was trying to find you that link the other day:cool: then you can come out on a moto bcr;)

Tints and hips, lots of good info:

Good to see the twinkle in your eye mate, so to speak :wink:

That’s awesome.

Get and you can teach Mad Dog to do wheelies properly :w00t:

how about you teach him your MAHOOSIVE power wheelies:D



hey, I was trying not too!



john your mad as a box of frogs…go for it mate :slight_smile:

Fecking awesome John, go for it! :slight_smile: