There're at it again, Old Street area

Heads up if you park around the Old Street area, I’ve just seen youths One walking carrying a lid one on a push bike scouting the area.

Pretty obvious what they are upto, beware.

Oh bugger!

True to form i forgot my disc lock today too! I wil pop out ot check its still there!

I have just had to call the police again on some kids on cycles trying to take the ignition barrel out of a black speed triple too.

Make sure they are locked up.

Taser the little sh1ts. . .

hmmm connect battery terminal to barrel and as soon as the lil fukka’s put a screwdriver in bzzzzzz jus remember to disarm before ya put key in :w00t:

So how easy is it to bypass an immobiliser? And I guess the alarm was sounding?

I would imagine it is quite easy if you know what you are doing.


On the flip side, some of the bikes are just not chained to anything. Really dumb. Its like the brand new Ducati I saw the other day - not chained down at all. REALLY dumb.

Off with their nutz!

there must be a bike parking charges thread around here someone. If they start charging for bike parking. I want secure metal to chain my bike to everywhere. Oh and armed security guards and dogs. And laser guided missiles. And some stuff from And a jedi while I’m at it. All protecting my bike. Fokkers.

trustme you dont wana start that thread up again! :smiley:

they are little fecks around the old street area. some scum drained Mr-Cs tank a while back, luckily they didnt realise there was some petrol in the reserve tank! They have also scratches “f*ck” into the tank, made a small hole in the pillion seat bigger, and the other morning it looks like they even tried to detatch one of the wing mirrors. When we moved to this area a few years ago we thought it was quite nice…now were not too sure.I reckon they should all be castrated! :smiley:

To be fair … those incidents happened mainly on weekend nights … so I think it’s more likely drunk [email protected] staggering out of Hoxton Square than local oiks on the theiveand there was the one time where I blamed the [email protected] but it was a loose screw that caused my petrol to **** all over the place … we don’t talk about that though


Mmm, better leave The Riot at home and take The R1 to work!:stuck_out_tongue: