there was a topic here somewhere.........

but i jus cant seem to find it, it was here a minute ago

You’re right mate…
It was here - your mind is not playing tricks on you…

found it… its in site issues

yeah its there

Seemed more appropriate there.

In case I’m accused of hiding it, it’s along the lines of ‘have a go at the Moderator (me I guess)’ and the result of me removing posts I felt were unsuitable for LB’s forum.

So get stuck in, I’m keen to hear people’s opinions.

Thats fine Weaver, just as long as the Mod’s practise what they preach.

I’m with Weaver on this one, I luv this site so they have got to be doing something right

fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight,

followed by a linking of arms and a rousing chorurs of

Who wants to play army, who wants to play army

Yes i to like this site and enjoy posting and taking part in stuff, just go to the site issues place and check out Barro’s comments.

well said!