There is a God!!

Police are stopping cyclists from going through red lights!!!

About bleedin’ time. Seems to be a load of them at major junctions stopping the prats going through red lights. Hurrah!!!

Yes, but what about cars… Hanger Lane anyone?

About time!

Hanger Lane… madness. I had someone try to bully me into moving over or accelerating as he wanted to merge into my lane the other day, despite him seeing me, I was having none of it and had a small Road-Rage situation, I must admit :expressionless:

I saw the police stopping a cyclist today in central area. Loved that! A few months ago one of them jump the red light and died in right front of me when a black cab got him badly…

Cezar, was that the one in Farringdon?

Tis a good thing that cyclists are getting pulled for running reds, BUT, just a thought (bringing me back to my childhood/yoot days)… stopping for plod if you think theres a chance of getting a ticket?? I mean, you’re on a pedal cycle, he’s on foot/in a car, the escape possibilities are endless…as long as he aint got a pedal bike aswell… gotta love those alleys and pavements…come on, keep up fatty!

When im going through town, people run out of my way.

I dont go though london in rush hour much, went through yesterday over london bridge and even though its green the twats were crossing the lights, i came honked my twin FIAMM horns, ive never seen them run so fast as they saw i was not stopping and for the ones that did not look it sounded like a lorry was going to hit them. Haaaa. I dont like city peeps, they are all lemmings just waiting to jump.

Good I hope they enforce it!

That is great, what do you do??? I try honking and revving, black visor down, but they still don’t move (unless you count slow motion as moving). In fact I often think of them as the cow people if you know what I mean (vacant expression and slow, slow, slow. What gets cows moving?

Told you to get a loud can for that R6 Andrea! That’s the trick…

but what exactly can the police do?

its not like they can give them penalty points

I will tell you what gets cows moving mate, either the overrun of a nice Twin coming down from 50 ish in first or just a couple of blips…

The thing i hate most about lemmings is the way they stand there while theres a fuckin green man, looking around, and when you see the cross traffics light go red so you know yours is gonna go green, then they get that maniacle look in their eye… You rev, you nod at them (in a dont fuckin cross now mate way)… nothing so they trot out just as its gonna go green, then have to do a mad sprint across trying to avoid the enevitable cyclist or courier/ped boi who is wizzing up the left side…

No, it was in gower street with Torringhton place. Two police woman were stopping them there as they always cross the road on the red light

I work with two lads who cycle into work in the west end, we have constant arguements about who is the bigger road pest, quite funny!

The reason these boys give for jumping is they have clip peddles and dont want to stop and unclip to put a foot down, lame!

About a month ago one got caught by police jumping a red near St Pauls on the way to work, he got the choice of a 30 quid fine or to attend an hour long cycle awareness course at lunch time, he chose the course and got a good lecturing!

Loud can noted, but as the weather was so crap again last weekend and I didn’t want to get wet and blown of the road again, I went shopping instead and bought another two summer tops (on top of the five or six bought a few weeks ago), oooops! The girls will know about shopping therapy though I don’t expect any of you guys to understand. So, I spent the money earmarked for the can, damn!

I try my best to look menacing and mean, like I’ll run them over if they don’t move but I can’t pull of that look.

But how can they inforce a law like that, what if you don’t have the 30 quid of refuse to give details/correct details the feds not going to arrest you over it, he would look a right prat at the popo dinner table come lunch

Err, i have these. 110dB each facing forwards, one high one low tone. Plus my bike looks a tad mashed so it adds to the whole intimidating thing about it.

Yep, they can get nicked for it if they play silly buggers and get caught out giving incorrect details.

Whether they will though is another thing.

Best I had for this was a GPZ900R which sounded remarkably like loudly chambering a round in a pump action shotgun when selecting 1st from neutral when stationary at lights.

This would invariably stop them in their tracks & they’d then do the wavering bit, at which stage I’d be staring at them whilst running through the Dirty Harry scene in my head:

"I know what you’re thinking, did he select first or a false neutral ? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a GPZ900R, one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world (well it was back then !) and would tear your head clean off as I wheel spinned over it, you gotta ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky ? Well do ya, punk ? "

Very few ever did !

Pat, superb!!! Top marks and go to the head of the class.