There coming home.....

appearing on a Berkshire road near you…


yayyyyyyy… boooooooo hisssssssss…yayyyyyyyyyyy…

Good news PS! Nice turn of events, eh? You don’t have to ride the smog now Oh, and when’s more Roadwars coming? I need another fix!


remind me to avoid Berkshire, lol

So they can now do over 80 without weaving? LoL

Good man, guess you’re a happy bunny now then.

Good good! What caused the change in policy?

Series 4 of Roadwars is currently in production stage…release date is early June…

the bikes have been deemed ‘safe’ by our force and we just await ACPO to rubberstamp then i’m mobile again!

the Met move still isn’t ruled out…but i’m just happy to be back on two wheels!!

does that mean u will get to a biker meet now then

where coming home?!

‘Where’ is Berkshire…mainly Slough,Windsor,Maidenhead,Ascot and Bracknell…

eeeeeek…will have to ask mates to move…

Current bike wont break many if any speed limits but as test now passed and bike shopping

oh, they’re coming home


LOL oh yeah same here HAHA

Porky, are TVP still getting em back in view of what the coroner had to say about them this week?