There a small chance a muppet could be at BM tonight

I replied to the dodgy (fake) ad on Gumtree of the R1 - he thinks my name is ImaBenda and has been instructed to meet me at BM tonight - told him I am hard of hearing so he needs a sign with my name on it - and to show it to the bikers who will be able to find me.

If he does turn up (suspect he’ll not - as he’ll want me to advance some cash and/or meet in a less public place if he plans a mugging) - please someone get a photo of him with the sign :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course if he is real - someone can buy a '07 R1 for 1600 - but if it’s too good to be true, it’s not :smiley:

Wouldnt that be funny if he turns up!!! :D:w00t::hehe:

That is classic!

Nice one - waiting for a pic!!!

i might just have to come now! :smiley:

what if it was randomly a real sale!!! i duno the guy is moving abroad and wants a quick sale (not that i think that is the case) and the poor bugger turns up desperate for cash looking like a plonker with a sign for brenda!!! hahah im very tempted to go now!!

i might even get my mate on his r6 to take a sign for a laugh!!! coz u never seen him or i!!!

He won’t show…I mailed him this morning before the add.was taken down…sent me lots more photos and I agreed to buy the bike and asked how the deal would be done…think he twigged and promply vanished…Genuine sale then?:slight_smile:

Arse…was looking forward to the photo…

Well there was a quiet young man hanging out at BM looking at the bikes for quite a long time, not long after 6pm. I asked him if he was a member of London Bikers and introduced myself, but he told me he did not speak English and waved me away. He had no sign saying Ima Benda, so maybe wasn’t your R1 faker, but merely a lost tourist who had found his spiritual home amongst the Triumphs.:slight_smile: