Theory Test......

Well as some know I failed my first theory test back in Jan, probably due to the fact that I got 8 questions relating to push bikes?!

Anyway, went for round 2 today, and I can safely say that DSA are not getting any more money off of me… I PASSED !! :D:D:D

Now all that remains is my DAS which I have to wait until the 21st April for, as I turn 21 on 14th April! :smiley:

Drinks on me…

well done.

Mines a pint of wife beater please…

congrats :slight_smile: and good luck with the DAS mate

well done mate, at least you got to sit your 1st one, they would not ler me in cos I lost the paper part of my licence (but if it had been a car they would have let me off)!!

but congrats great feeling isn’t it (I also got push bike questions)

Well done fella.

Well done :smiley:

Ah at the moment I am on top of the world…to think that I am one step closer to riding the blade!!! :slight_smile:

Some of the questions are really mad tbh! I always thought that the theory was designed as a way of testing your knowledge of the roads… yet one of my questions today was what are the benefits of locking your motorcycle to a solid object when leaving it parked?

Seriously, what has that got to do with road safety or knowledge of road safety?? :slight_smile:

Congrats Gazza!

And good luck on the 21st.

Someone buy my Denon DJ CD deck and case so I can take my DAS as well! :wink:

well done dude!

good luck for DAS, but man thats a looooong wait!!

Tell me about it!! :slight_smile:


Be honest, did ALL of the hazard perception thing make sense? I got a fairly high score for that but thought I must have failed.

Nice to hear this moves you closer to your dream bike: A Blade. It was my dream bike too and it was well worth the wait!! :slight_smile:

Well done fella :D:cool:

All the best for your DAS.

chuffed for you Gazza, well done.