Theory Test: Passed

Passed it!

1/3 done!

Bring on the mod 1!

Well done, when you doing the rest?


I plan to do the rest around May.

The weather is nicer, plus its my birthday so I can get my test instead of a present xD

Well done Miller …

Don’t forget to put it into practice

Well done!! :slight_smile:

congrats, and Good luck:D

Well done, that is the first stage to a bigger bike.

Well done!

Got my 2nd attempt at mod1 tomorrow after hitting a cone on the swerve test a couple of weeks ago.

Was spitting with rain last time, and tomorrow it looks like it’s going to be crap weather too. Every other day this week appears to be nice and dry. Fscking great.

You’ll be alright nich!

When I did Mod 1, my instructor told me that the courses have special extra-grippy-in-the-wet tarmac (something about a special machine that cleans the tarmac of all oily sh!t) he tried it out on a test day when they first brought in mod 1 and said he couldn’t lose grip if he tried, so don’t let the weather put you off too much :slight_smile:

Cool! Well done on your pass, good luck for the rest :slight_smile:

well done mate

Congratulations on your pass. Good luck for the rest <a id=ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl01_hypUsername onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“”>Columbo :slight_smile:

@ <a id=ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl09_hypUsername onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“”>nich Good luck on your mod1 :wink:

Thats the easy bit out the way! :smiley:


Congrats and good luck lads with the rest :slight_smile:

You know what Columbo, it’s not a bad idea waiting until the weather improves :wink:

I got totally drenched all morning while training for it, plus even more drenched on the hour ride to the test centre.

By the time I was there, I was tired and cold, and my fingers were barely working.

The bike on loan to me was rather shoddy compared to the other students that were waiting to be tested (some had ABS pfft!), so some jealously set in, but to be fair, it hadn’t let me down that much before, and I felt a bond with it.

Nerves set in at the start, not sure why. Probably because I had at least 3 skids this morning on the training ground while practising the emergency stop. That was actually the first time I’ve skidded on the bike, so I wasn’t feeling too chipper.

As soon as I got into the training ground, when going to park the bike up for the walk-it-around bit, the fscking thing wouldn’t go into neutral and annoyed me straight away, but at least I had a working footpeg now, and the rain had stopped! :smiley:

No further issues though! I mean, I did go through the emergency stop speedtrap at 60kph which meant he had to wag his finger at me and tell me to go a bit slower later, but I got through the dreaded swerve test this time without smashing a cone, and
happy to report that I passed! :slight_smile:

So yeah, very chuffed, mod2 towards the end of the month now.

All I would say is, check out your training schools bikes if you loan a 500, there’s a big difference it seems in the quality of bikes that you get :wink:

Glad to hear that you passed!

I’m 17 so I can only do it on a 125. Not terrible though coz 125s can be thrown about =P

Metropolis is likely gonna be the training centre. I’ll make sure to bring my wallet and the anal lube. £250 for mod1, £300 for mod 2…

Congratulations on passing.

Sorry but why are you even going to pay for training? You have your own 125 with insurance. Youtube and practice is what you need. If you don’t want to do that then I only paid £320 last year for the lot but this was winter. Also, they will give you a discount for using your own bike.

Edit: I only done a 2 day course though. It works out about £100 a day + tests.