Theory Booked!

Just booked my motorbike theory after having a few months now on my CBF125.
Pretty excited about it, but also nervous. So does anyone know of any good apps or websites to practice? I managed to find a couple for the iPhone, which seem to be quite useful…However any of your tips would be great.

Hopefully wont be long until im on a bigger bike!

Get the Hazard perception test cd (tbh I’ve got one from this year if you want it) - and practise that as the test is rubbish… also try not to double click by accident like I did on the duel hazard one (lost 10 points because of that grrr… but was perfect of most of the others)

For both my Car & Bike theory, all I did was get the highway code test book (the one which contains all the questions.) And read through it. Its pretty simple tbh, grab a copy of the highway code to check any answers and your set. For my Car test back in 2000 I got 35/35 and for the Bike this year anonyingly it was just 49/50.

Yeah, think I need to get the Highway code book as its been a while since I flicked through that.
Very kind of you in regard to the CD - is it interactive? A friend of mine recently failed the hazard perception test, after the test centre staff warned not to click too much. He was then very conservative on the clicking which led to him failing. For instance, he said a car was at a cross road, so he clicked as he approached. Then the car pulled out, and so he thought that by already clicking he has shown that he was aware of it. However, he now thinks that he was meant to also click when the car pulled out…quite confusing.

yep its interactive.

Basically the trick with the hazard test, is to click repeatedly from when you first spot it, until its obviously a hazard (i.e the ‘driver’ has reacted) - However the ‘repeated’ ness of this is a slow ‘every’ second or so pattern and not to many. Practise it on the CD over and over.

I’ll see if I can find the CD/DVD’s when I get home.

Thanks mate, thats really helpful.
Like I said, I bought an app on the phone and get 100% most times, but im not sure how accurate that really is.
Ideally i pass this first time, so i can book my full test before winter sets in.

you can find highway code online, no need to buy one

Also I had this app
Viewed loads of hazard perception videos wherever I could find them for free.

Good luck!

Thanks nails!! Will save these down to the phone and ignore the wife even more than usual for the next few weeks!

Best of luck. If you have a car licence you should fly through the theory. I forgot about the hazard perception and was surprised by it but still managed to pass. Best of luck!

As others said - I found that the best way to practice are the interactive apps. Hazard perception has a trick that you should remember - don’t click too much and too early. I, being a longterm driver, was seeing developing hazards much earlier than the app expected and had to click later. Once you learn the pattern it’s easy.

Regarding the app you bought - if it’s from DVSA then it’s the same as an installable app on PC.

You can also get highway code as a pdf:

Redwez - found them hazard perception Cd and Cd biker pack- you’re welcome to them. If you email me at where to send them i’lol pop them in the post.

Everyone has chimed in with good advice so I’ll just say best of luck mate!

Get the Bike Theory app on your mobile, I used that and some free practice hazard perception tests online. I passed first time :smiley:

you obviously took note slan!!!

Thanks all…Pressure is on, as you guys seem to have p1ssed it!

Redeem - Posted the CDs today- you should get them in a few days time. Enjoy!

Thanks very much, I really do appreicate it!

Np - looks like my phone autocorrected your name in tiny previous post :slight_smile: