Theiving CONTS

theives stole bronze plaques from a memorial for fallen soliders

they need to be strung up and be shot in my eyes

what is this world coming to

and any scrap dealer who brought them is just as bad as the thieves

I heard about this on the news this morning, shocking. Can’t help thinking some thieves have been waiting for the last of the trenches survivors to pass away before declaring open season on WW1 memorials. Expect more of the same, especially with scrap metal being at the price it is. A lot of lead is disappearing from the roofs of churches etc around here.

To be honest I am not surprised with the scum that is around now days. So wrong though!

Ooooh this really p*sses me off:angry: but never mind the theiving scum that took em surely the firm/metal merchants that bought them as scrap to melt down have no morals either? goes to show how screwed this country really is and greed seems to be the order of the day…so sad

thats the bit that gets me more m8, if some1 brought em to me etc (if i was a scrappy, lol) i would phone the pigs str8 away.

did you hear wot council have done? they have offered a reward for £5000 for info on the return etc, now as this is comendable it would make people nick em etc and try claim the rewaerd more thus making this stuff more profitable, they said the plaques would only bring £100 on the scrap market anyway.

i know they will prob cost a lot more to do again though.

SCUM! i just hope their not british etc.

Feckin disgusting. I hope they all get beaten when they’re caught. :angry: