Theiving C*+*s in Ilford again!!

Think my Commuter days may be numbered, The scum bags in Ilford tried to nick my KTM yesterday, i had 3 Chains round the bike, a disk lock and a cover over it. I think this is the only reason they didn’t get away with it. The alarm was going off and when we run down to the car park the cover was off the bike. A colleague saw the scooter (2 up) go into the car park then about a minute later the alarm go off and the scooter fly out the car park.

The police said they had been chasing a 2 up scooter round ilford that was on False plates and they lost it, then 15 mins later the call came in for the attempted theft of my bike, They are 99% certain its the same people they were chasing and also said off the record they reckon it is most likely the same lot that nicked my Blade.

I’m not sure i want to go through all this again so i will become a Train Wanker and just have the bikes as weekend toys :frowning:

That sucks, glad the security paid off. At least it sounds like the plod are actively pursuing these particular individuals

There are 5 of us that ride into work have refused to go into work till the security has been improved, we are all working from home and 2 of us have put in a transfer request

glad they didn’t get it… but wtf! total scum

I think you should buy a hack. My Old CB500 was fun to ride but I was never to worried about it getting stolen as it wasn’t very desirable.

Oh mate, feel your pain and anger !!

Joby’s right. an old reliable rat bike will survive

Sorry to hear it Sam- glad you still have your bike.

Get a hack- a CB or CBF, or something like that.

I think you need to bait the bike and sit in a van waiting for the fuckers to return.

This is an example of security doing what it’s supposed to…glad you got to keep your bike and let’s hope your employer does something about it.

I may look at getting a Curvy SV650 as a commuter as they can be bought for a few hundred quid

Bait bike and baseball bats…

sorry to hear this Sam.  tbh, i had no doubt they would have returned.  considering the punishment they get (none), they’d be stupid no to.

i’m up for a bit of baiting and beating, your call.

Your security worked. Job done.  Just use some bait, sit and wait and then broom through the spokes as they ride past.  BOOM! I had a Triumph stolen, and even saw it on the road a couple of times when I was in the car… nothing I could do.

I’m gonna hire Martin to sit there like a coiled spring ready for a Head Kick!!

Offer your bike as bait to the police providing the cover full costs… maybe that way… good call on the security at work. I wouldn’t recommend to sit there and wait, it can land you on hospital with a stab wound or worst

At least the police were able to chase it, shows the value of the security though

@WildBoy, A 27" breaker bar is longer than a blade. It’s all about technique.

It’s just so unfair, you work hard, pay for something and then people try and take it for free. If they succeed you still pay through roof for insurance for the next 5 years. If they were robbing shops and taking 10k they would be stopped by now. Yet no one is doing anythinging about bike theft… How long will it continue. Even if they are caught another scooter brigade will appear within a few weeks… Having to ride a hack seems to be an unfair solution.

Is car theft still high? Or is just bikes now