Theft - North London update

Mornin all

am bit tired this morning, hardly slept - slightest noise and I was jumping out of bed last night to see if my beloved bike was still there…

bout 11:15pm last night, raining, I heard a few kids and some clanking - looked out of my window to find 5 of them all over my SV650 - b*stards - even sitting on her the good-for-nothing scumbags (deep disinfectant clean going on tonight).

Thought bout running down there and then thought if they’ve got bolt cutters they’d probably be gone by the time I get there and anyway, there was 5 of them and 1 of me!

I shouted out my window and told them to get away from that bike and that I’d called the police to which they replied “I’ll suck your mouth” - I assume this was meant to be an insult, but not quite sure?!

Anyway, ran to phone and dialed 999 and the kids just saunter away, not a care in the world, not even the decency to walk quickly and look scared! But at least they walked away without my bike this time and no damage was done - and I am really really really thankful for that

Plain clothes police arrive 15mins later - they were looking over my bike when I looked out of the window again so I shouted at them too! didn’t realise they were the police! They said that they were on nights, monday to friday, taking calls solely on motor vehicle theft in North London, because it’s so prevalent at the moment. Bikes are hot property (like we didn’t know!) and parts go for a fortune (like we didn’t know) and theives often come round in vans (er, like we didn’t know!) but hey, 2 dedicated officers for vehicle theft is better than none - it’s a start at least.

North London - you’ve gotta love it!

Blimey. Sounds like a nightmare.

Move out, Flick. Get somewhere safer, esp now they know the bike.

But good to see the police taking vehicle theft seriously (provided there are more than 2 bods on it).

I second Andrew’s comment, you need a better provision for your bike now Flick! You’re a biker now, so you have to make lifestyle decisions with this in mind! You need somewhere to keep your bike off the road and out of view, with some security that works.

Always looking out the window at your bike and being worried is no way to live, I know all about it!

Sorry to hear that Flick! I can imagine the sensation you been through… Glad the police is opening their eyes for the scum bags getting our babies!

since i no longer have a bike i have 2 heavy duty chains you’re welcome to if they will help?

its difficult to chain up a car!!!

and when i get my next bike i’ve convinced my dad to let me have the garage!!!

also got an alarm which i was going toput on my old gsxr before i sold it, you’re welcome to that too if it would help. its just sitting in my hallway doing nothing!!!

anyway, let me know!

Scumbags!!! Had the same thing a couple of years ago, woke up to some noise, looked out of the window to see some twats with a screwdriver trying to nick bits off my bike. Red mist was up and although wife tried to stop me I grabbed my six iron and legged it out the front door. Dont know what scared them more, the six iron or the large, fat white guy in his boxers grunting like a rutting boar. Never seen people run like that before, one when straight over our six foot wall like it wasnt there! To give the boys in blue their due they were there in two minutes (which was embarrassing as I was still in said boxers), they took me on a drive round of the local area but didnt spot our guys. Did see a heck of a lot of fourteen to fifteen year olds with hoodies wondering about and this was at four in the morning. One of the coppers commentated that they must all work in bakeries!!! So, moral of the story is, buy golf clubs!!!

oh, nearly forgot… also have an oxford stormex cover which is nearly new, got 2 so you’re welcome to 1, they’re a good idea as it keeps the bike out of sight in a way and makes it harder work for the scum! anyway, its all there if you want it. let me know.

Yikes, Flick, for a moment there I thought you’d had your bike nicked! Glad it’s still there, but you now need to seriously improve security. Moving may not be practical, so how about a nice ground anchor, combined with the Almax Immobiliser III?

ha, bakery workers londondrz - witty copper!?!!?! These kids were about 15 too I reckon, all wearing baggy clothes and hoodies. They could’ve had bolt cutters and/or screwdrivers, but I couldn’t see.

I’ve got a data tool alarm, immobiliser, oxford D lock, albus city chain lock chained to a ground anchor and I always put the steering lock on. I had a cover nicked and so did my neighbour…what more can you do apart from finding a non-existant garage?

where abouts are you gixxer101theif, if you’ve got security lying around i’d be happy to put it to use, thank you, that’s very kind.

I know Tottenham isn’t great, but I’m moving out of London come September (1st time in 28 years, that’s a bit weird!) and really can’t move before then

“I’ll suck your mouth”??


that’s a new one on me…

Aside that, glad your still a bike owner…possibly the best thing you did there was yell at them…confrontations can get messy (usually for the thief - but a risk is a risk)

I’m surprised the Met have only assigned 2 officers to the job though bearing in mind the high theft count in London!

We have designated AutoCrime units that act covertly and are usually a minimum of 6 officers and are intelligence led etc…

We have a higher car theft rate then bike theft and the main type of biketheft we get is moped based…

Really glad you kept two wheels!!

i’m in finchey, not far from tottenham, can drop it to you anytime next week, the oxford stormex cover has reinforced eyelet holes at front and rear wheel so you can chain your cover to your bike.

i know how bad it is, and yes i know how much parts go for as i’ve just watched my gsxr 750 k5 get sold in part form for well over £3000 by my lovely ex bloke!!! but thats another story!!!

if your interested in anything let me know and as i say am in a car now so can drop it somewhere.

have PM-ed you, gixxer101thief - Cheers!

2 Cops for North London and lets think how many for South London … I’m thinking none

You’d think that with the Billions the Government get from us they could fund a couple of cops to look after our bikes .

I just hope for a summer where we can all have a good nights sleep knowing the police had the animals that take our bikes in jail

You need to move to my neck of the woods. I left my keys in the bike yesterday and it was still there when I got back.

Probably because the local thieves have seen how slow your bike is, they know they can walk faster…

Haha, NOT. Mini Mo is back down this weekend so we’ll see whos faster then… probably you

you could always hook your bike up to the mains power supply…

(cant believe i just mentioned that !!!)…shocking…!

glad to hear you still got your bike mate…

I presume you’re oop North still?

Locals just got indoor toilets, never mind the internal combustion engine. What would they do with it if they stole it? LOL

wow, Mini Mo - where do you live? and not even Paivi around to save your bike keys and leave a note on your bike!

I still have a bike this morning too - hurray!

I slept with a bucket of water next to my bed last night - anyone try to have a go at my bike would’ve got that over them! Admittedly they then probably would’ve kicked her over, but the look on their ugly waste of space boat races (faces) would’ve been good!

Anyway, Tanya’s kindly sorting me out with more locks on monday - but I do like the wiring her up to the mains idea, very very intriguing, will ponder…

(Mini Mo - have you set off yet - for the weekend I mean)?!