This post is to judge the level of interest. Dinner then a West End show. Dress smart. Who would be interested?

I could be

are you asking me out on a date?:wink:

depends entirely on the show…

Yes :smiley:

Yep…for sure…

If the show doesn’t tickle your tastebuds - are you still interested in going on a date? :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s enough folk talking already without adding fuel to this particular fire

Hes a tart, one Martini and hell eat any sausage going.:slight_smile:

Oi! I resemble that remark:w00t:

Love the new avatar:) Shows you in your true light:D

Judgement Day is on at the Almeida from 3rd September and there are some lovely eateries in the vicinity.

+1 or maybe The Black Album at the cotesloe…

Love the new new avatar,shows you before the procedure:D

Definitely up for this

Torch song trilogy anyone?

I’m still looking for the surgeon, Betty Bacal to me in one botched operation:w00t:

Where’s the bike ride in all of this???

It falls under the events category. We’ll rideout on Sunday and talk about the show.

about time we had some culture on LB, well done Joby, now dont go spoiling it all by suggesting 'Billy [email protected]:w00t: