Theatre Saturday 20th of October 19:45

So I booked theatre for my parents visit on Saturday 20th of October but got my dates wrong, they are not coming till the following weekend.

So I have 4 tickets to Blood Brothers at The Phoenix Theatre,Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H OJP that are £43 each.

If someone wants all 4 that can be arranged or we can make this an official LB event in which case I’ll also go but I’ll need 3 dates.

Or if my brothers girlfriend goes too then I’ll only need 2 dates.

So is anyone intersted in the spare tickets?

I have seen the play but highly recommend it to anyone :slight_smile:

It’s a pity (for me, at least!) you didn’t get your dates just a little bit more wrong - it’s something I’ve been looking into booking up myself but I’m away that weekend. I’m sure there’s a few luvvies who’ll take them off you :smiley:

Its been on since the eighties, I saw it with Barbera Dickson.

My brothers girlfriend can’t go so I still need 3 dates. Or someone to take them all. I’ll organise a proper theatre social soon.

These are now on ebay. Better than the usual junk I sell. No comedy video sadly.