The Zombie Bike that just won't die..

In Germany we say “Totgesagte leben laenger”, “those said to be dead, live longer”! With my bike it’s certainly the case.

Yesterday Chris came over with some new fork legs, Biggus joined in and we had a little oil-soaked wrenching extravaganza and ripped the front end apart. Fork seals were good on the old new ones so they went straight on. Front brake cleaned and redone, bearings checked and greased, and the whole front is looking good now.

Today we’ll continue with a new can, new clutch lever, flushing of clutch and throttle cables, and she should be good to go. If I need new tyres to pass MOT, is Essential Rubber still the cheapest place in town to get some BT45s?

Oh and to whoever said “Don’t you do daily pre ride inspections?” Yes I do. And my tyres have meat on them. Just not too much, but at the thinnest spots it’s still > 1mm but not by much, so they need replacing soon anyhow.

Why are you spamming on here when you could be putting the caliper back on?

Glad to have been able to help last night It will live again soon I’m sure

“The Zombie” is a good name for a bike, but it’s already taken!

But I do get the feeling yours has a lot of oomph and character even if it doesn’t have the pinstriping!

Oi Biggus! Aren’t you supposed to be performing Actual Work rather than trolling the forum