The Yank is Coming!! The Yank is Coming!!

Excellent…I love it when a plan comes together! Meeting you lot is something I’ve looked forward to for quite some time.

Right then…first things first…finalize the dates and book the flight. After that, it’s ON!

Pie"n"mash…loving it !!!

Gawd DAMM!
Depooty Dawg’s comin ta town!
Good stuff mate, we’ll warm up some beer for you, and break out a whole round of cucumber sandwiches!

I’m all over it…warm beer…cucumber sandwiches…the works.

Once the intial “WTF is this?!” shock has worn off when presented with a cucumber sandwich, it’s really not all that bad.

I’m wicked excited about meeting you all…and can only imagine the fun/trouble/god knows what we’ll get up to once I’m on the ground in the UK again.

Good man…I am sure that it will be blast whenever you’re over!!!

Brands would be a great weekend.

All the best…

haha didnt we act that out?? so its no longer fiction right

Looking forward to meeting you at long last mate. Will hopefully catch up with you whilst your here on one of the rides or meets.

So when you coming then?! Im waiting so i know not to book any plans into my diary so it doesnt clash with the Gregman Gig!