The Yank is Coming!! The Yank is Coming!!

I’ve been wanting to fly back over to London to meet the LB’ers for a couple of years now…I think it may actually happen this summer.

I’ve got the OK from “wife control”…I now just need to finalize the “details.”

I was hoping to fly over…enjoy a pub night with the LB crowd…hire a bike for a ride out…all that good stuff. I’m thinking of coming in on a Thursday…out the following Tuesday? I have been kicking around the third week of July as a potential date.

What would be the “best” date to come? Any interest in trying to organize a ride out (Lusty was kind enough to send me some information on a bike hire outfit that looks pretty reputable) if/when I’m there? I’d love to see the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth…I’d happily attempt (the traffic and riding on the “wrong” side of the road is a bit worrisome LOL) to ride up to the Peaks District for a day too.

As this is all still “on the drawing board”, I’m pretty open to suggestions.

So…what do you lot think?

About time! Great to have the green light from mission control!

I’m sure something’s bound to be going on although if you could try for a Wednesday you’d get to the weekly meet but saying that a Friday night Ace/ Frith and elsewhere type thing will be good…

Looking forward to this!

am sure if your coming over gregg we could manage to jack up some kind of rideout/ event for you

we could initiate you into the art of roundabout surfing!!


Portsmouth - Great roads to get there if you stay off the motorways…and a blast across Portsdown Hill for stunning views of the Solent before heading off to the Royal Navy Museum

Matlock Bath (East Peak District) - On a summers Sunday morning sounds good to me, a quick 150 mile blast up the M1, and well worth it when you get there…

The Ace Cafe - Of course you have to go there

This is good news, would love to meet you (Although I am in greece from 22 July returning 5 August)! This is my recommendation :

World Superbikes is on Sunday 5th August at Brands Hatch, probably the best atmosphere on the racing calendar (as said by many a racer). If you can coincide your visit for this weekend, I am sure there would be plenty to accompany you, and am sure Jay might be able to get you a “special” pass for the circuit. Just a thought.

If I am away at the time you do get to come over… bugga!

Alternatively, if you are able to come for the weekend of 21 July, you can attend the London Air Ambulance Charity Ball, see Shewolf for details.

In and around those, as peeps say, there is the legendary Ace cafe of a friday, or the soon to become, legendary Brazen meet on a wednesday (if you get here for a Wednesday as MacP suggests). Plenty of rides at the weekend, and if I’m about, will certainly be out to say howdy par’ner!


would the brazen head meet not have turned back into the cubana meet? as it would be the summer? or has cubana been given the heave ho now?

Woo hooo d00d!!! Come on over and will help you out with the ermm culture… one yank to another

Everything that you have highlighted are good runs, might even be a good idea to take a “coastal” run down to Whitstable/Dover area as well. Good fun roads and nice views!

If you are stuck for a place to park your head, I think I can convince my “mission control” to allow a night or two

As for driving on the “wrong side” of the road, dont worry, its only a bike - we pretty much use the whole road to travel around in London and once on the motorway (UK version of interstates - but not as good) you wont have any issues. As for the A and B roads (our version of backroads - think two lanes occasionally four) you will find that the bike kinda purrs along the white lines and there is not much difference between the right or left side

Would be good to have you over “Kansas”, let me know when you do come, might have a small request for you to bring over… something that you just cant find over here and very very important if you are a BBQ’r!

I hate to say this but I TOLD YOU SO!

…does a little dance

Good to see my waffling has almost talked you into it! Also glad to see I can make some sense at times!

As for the fellow yank, Moggie, I can vouch for him, he’s not a bad sort, talks funny like (remember Mater from Cars , and also talks a lot of ****e but hes a goodun

Now you already have two offers now of somewhere to stay, offers of ride outs and more. I’d be more than happy to have a BBQ at my house after a ride out too!

What more can you ask? Book those tickets before they increase in price!

Oh I also have a small shopping list if you dont mind lol

Watch this space…

/me puts his Forrest Gump voice on

I gonna obeen ah carn of whoopaS5 on you young (coughcough) lady… Mater sounds like ME tyvm!!!

Brilliant news KSG!!! Whatever dates you come over for, I’m sure we can arrange rides and sightseeing for you. Lots of great suggestions already mentioned and I’m sure more will follow.

The KSG Rideout!!!

Any excuse

That is GREAT news, I’m so pleased you decided to do it.

I know it will be expensive for you! But I promise you that we will organise an LB ‘do’ for you, just as soon as we know when you’re coming.

Have you rung the hire bike place yet?

Tip top news Greg! It’ll be good to meet ya finally

Cool! then u can take your pick of my erotic fiction that we was discussing few months ago

Nice one Gregman As discussed, you have accommodation, and we’ll most likely have a couple of bikes available for you.

Hey man, i will put on one of my world famous BBQs for ya, and as i live in Kent near the coast, we can have a nice rideout to the coast!

Sorry if someone has already posted this but isn’t that also when Lagua GP race is on?

Yippee… Looking forward to meeting you Greg…

As discussed, you have somewhere to stay and there is a bit of an old battered Fireblade that you can have the use of for a week…

We’ll all make sure you have the week of your life…

Yippee… Looking forward to meeting you Greg…

As discussed, you have somewhere to stay and there is a bit of an old battered Fireblade that you can have the use of for a week…

We’ll all make sure you have the week of your life…