The Yamaha Tracer - unbiased reviews

Anyone on here got one? Heading towards new bike time, and looking for unbiased LB reviews. Any issues to watch out for? What petrol mileage do you get - I’m an instructor and I cover well over 1,000 miles a month. Also, if Mian hasn’t killed his yet, I am hopeful they are quite sturdy!

I’m banned from several people from fiddling with mine. I average 55mpg but I don’t ride at town speeds much.

Pretty ace bike, very easy to handle especially in rain mode. wide though.

Seems fair, my Honda can only dream of that sort of economy. As I’ve done 11,000 since my last MOT this is a serious consideration. With Givi boxes everything is wide…

My gsxr does that mpg

Edited that for you Stuart

it was 45 gallon

Wise, much as I’d love a sportsbike it would be wasted following CBTs…plus my fiancee wouldn’t fancy the pillion seat much!

Triumph explorer ?

Wise, much as I'd love a sportsbike it would be wasted following my fiancee wouldn't fancy the pillion seat much! Stuart Fordyce

It might help speed up the slower ones, if you were behind them reving it…

Will also try a Tiger 800…

KTM 1050.

Not enough used ones around yet Martin. A 990 SMT though…but they’re getting on a bit now.

vfr 800

VFR800 tend to be a bit thirsty and heavy on servicing.  I’d say the same for the SMT (I do own one).  I’d go with Martin’s suggestion of the 1050, there are second hand examples and new 2015 are being sold for several thousand of the list price.  And the spec is impressive, ABS, TC, Slipper Clutch, it goes on.

KTM 1050. whereisgibson
Hello Martin, here, for you you might as well get paid :P!

What about the new Kawasaki Versys 1000? it seems to be getting good reviews.

Versys too heavy and far too ugly. VFR800 lacks torque for my touring trips two up with luggage, and is expensive and complicated to service. Plus VTEC is the answer to a question nobody asked, whereas a 1000cc engine in that chassis is.

I’m looking for a similar kind of bike when I pass my test, for me it’s between the Tracer, Tiger 800XC and F800 GS. Sat on the Versys 1000 and didn’t like it, the 650 felt small. If I had bags of cash i’d throw the Multistrada and MV Agusta Turismo Veloce in there too.

mmmm that thing makes me tingly in my special place

Apparently somewhat reliable too for an MV. Downside is no topbox fitment but they’re working on one. The tail section is a work of art.