the worst trip for weather!

Hey guys, you may be glad to know i made it back safely from north Devon. Last Friday i set off on the fazer with my tailpack and rucksack. The weather forecast was not good, strong winds touching galeforce 8 at times and heavy rain. As i left the A316 Past Chiswick flyover and headed onto the M3, The heavens opened and i got soaked!!. The rain was the worst ive ever had to ride in, there were sheets of water on the motorway, i slowed it right down cos i just couldnt see where i was going with all the spray, i put my main beam on (thanks PIAA Extreme bulbs!) and continued slogging along. #

This continued all the way to Exeter, and by this time the wind had picked up to i would say gusty force 6. I stopped en route to fill up and grab a hot meal and i walked into a roadchef dripping, i had the manager walking behind me mopping all the water up!!.

After the meal i returned to the road and arrived at my destination just before dark. Thank god i had a hot bath waiting for me!!! i could hardly walk i was so cold and tired.

Leaving Exeter and then heading north to my dads on Sunday was lovely, the sun shone, it was cold (0 degrees) and there was loads of salt on the road, the poor bike was caked in white by the time i got there, and i spent the afternoon jet washing and hot waxing her!!.

If it hadnt been for my thermal undersuit and great dainese clothing i would have got a lot colder earlier than i did!!! so make sure you al wrap up out there and wear all the kit!!!.

Todays journey was blustery, again i had fog, heavy rain and gales to contend with before i reached the safety of Andover. Thankgod im home, but atleast i still arrived with a smile on my face!!!

see ya all soon

westie x

Yes We are glad to know you got home safe and sound. You can tell us all about the trip when see us - so - hope to see you soon

aww ta! this weather is grim! ha ha!!

Glad you’re back in the big smoke safe and sound… must tell me more about those bulbs when I next see you.


Bloddy hell mate, what a trooper! Hope you’ve got some snaps for us


So are you joining us on Sunday’s rideout?

i might well be! seeing as ive spent most of the day cleaning the bike it will depend on the weather!!!