The worst place in the world to work

To be honest that sounds like any and every tech startup ever. At least they are somewhat honest in the job spec that no one knows what they are doing, you’ll have to do everything and there’ll be no time to do it.

The Glass Door reviews tell a familiar story of passionate (unstable and clueless) management freaking out because they’ve bet their house on the business.

If you are out of work it might be worth a shot but don’t leave a half decent job for that “opportunity.”

Please do it… :sunglasses:

From the Advert you ain’t allowed to Eat , Drink or Shit when at work

you can if you make the time up :rofl: :rofl:

But you must be fit and healthy, i.e. not fat

Which if you have no time to eat, is feasible

If you are interested there are many roles available!

Check out your modern office, with 4 monitor PC

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Wow no desk but have a bench with crappy chairs, and really shitty ergonomics.


“There’s a reason why their logo looks like a hand job, and its because you’re whole purpose of working for universal web design is to stroke the CEOs ego.”


He’s right about the logo. Surely someone must have taken the owner aside and pointed this out to him?

Dear god…

Well at least they have pots with pens in. Always a silver lining

You can also buy a house from the guy as well

" Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength and withstood 2 major recessions in both the late 80’s as well as the early 2000’s when the recession hit in 2007."

Since when is 2007 the early 2000’s?

yer, I think it runs n the family, from what I see this was setup by (I’m assuming) his dad

Man, I need to do some real work!!! Damn you Serrisan…

and you get a certificate alert Love it…

You should be working for Neville then… He’d make sure you’re hard at work. 7.45 on the dot

What’s not to love about the position :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Carpet burns on your knees?

It sounds to me like a cliched Thatcherite yuppy whose only passion is for money and thinks everyone else is beneath them, otherwise they would be running their own business rather than trying to scrounge off his success.

And to think, Danny chose to spend his life on a Colchester industrial estate when he could have travelled the world playing golf.

But that is to sell his soccer skills short.

Drives an Audi. Why am I not surprised?

Lol what a club

I wonder if he knows Glenn Tamplin, another legend of Essex businessman that likes football…