the Wopp has arrived!!

Hi there guys and gals,

I’ve had my license for just over a year but due to financial reasons could not get a bike. that was untill last month!! I was so hoping I could afford an Aprilia Tuono but they were well out of my price range, so got myself a 98’ Fazer, and I love it!! I have been riding in all the rain too!!

I live in Crystal palace, and look forward to tagging along to a few of your meets and soak in some riding advice from the more experianced riders.

heres a picture of it! hope you like

Hi and welcome aboard.

Lovely bike

Welcome to LB

Hiya welcome to LB, lovely bike …

Thanks for the welcome! I have to say, I am extreamly impressed with the site, the best I have come accross! I’ll be here for a long long time!


Thanks for the welcome Puppy. Can’t say I have tried that place out. Will do now

Welcome to LB

Welcome aboard

hi and welcome

Welcome from another noob.

An FZS 600 is a top choice for a first bike.

Speshly one thats been fightered.

Thanks again for the warm welcome guys I am loving this site!!

Hi and welcome to Lb

try getting along to bm on a wednesday

Hey there, welcome to LB!!!

Nice bike too