The wonderful world of....

:D:P:hehe: TOPBOXES!!! :P:w00t::hehe::smiley: And assorted hard luggage!!! Yaaaaay :smiley:

I’m looking to buy a topbox, as you might of guessed.

It will be for a Bandit 650. I need something that ideally would be able to fit a full set of pillion gear in (helmet,gloves,jacket and some draggin jeans, oh and boots) Is it foolish to think that I might be able to fit this all into a topbox, and will definitely need panniers? Or dya reckon I might just be able to squeeze everything in - I’ve seen some pretty beastly topboxes around at the moment…

Anyway I’m hoping one a’ yous lot might be able to point me in the direction of a friendly shop to whom I could go with my queries and who perhaps might have some topboxes in store that I could try out for size. Oh and that would be able to take care of ordering the rack.

Any suggestions much appreciated :D:D

Where’s Joby when you need him! :smiley:

Hows this?

Get yourself along to Hein Gerick at Gants Hill tomorrow night (they have an open evening on) and see Afro, i’m sure he will be more than happy to talk through options with you.

Hi Guy.

I’ve got a Givi 45 litre topbox and can fit a full textile suit,
back protector, gloves and boots in (+some other small items) but not the helmet…:smiley:


You bought it yet?



Been riding it for, guess about a month now :smiley:


Happy with?

Yup :smiley:

Great to ride, so smooth compared with the 125 and the dragstar, granted, I miss the 125 when filtering through tight traffic, but compared to the dragstar the bandits pretty good at that. oh and done a few runs outta london - should be good fun in the summer :smiley:

Bloody headlight bulb just went tonight though. :frowning:

Broke back top box posse.:smiley:

Oi! There’s nothing wrong with a Topbox, just ask the people who I’ve helped out with petrol and tyre plugs and oil and …

next time I’m carrying a couple bottles of vino, I’m not sharing. :P:D