The Wire HBO series

I have just finished watching the 5th season of “The Wire” and i am gutted it has finished and i have nothing to be excited about watching. (Yes, i am aware this is very sad)

Just wanted to know if there are any other london bikers out there who equally loved the wire. Actually i have never come across anyone who has watched it all, and not liked it.

just started season two… season one was slooooowwwww :blink:

i only keep watchin cause so many ppl say its brilliant

It took me about 4/5 episodes to get into the 1st season. But after that i was addicted.

hold out, the 2nd season is the worst in my opinion but the 3rd and 4th are amazingly good. The 2nd season shows u where all the drugs come in and who the king pins and guys behind the scenes are.

DSo you have the dvds?? or are you downloading the episodes?

Absolute awesome series that I’m about 2/3 the way through at the moment. Like Perez says, it’s gripping from about 5 episodes in and though Series 2 was a little slower, I still don’t think it lets up once you get into it!

I’m trying to drag it out as long as possible so I don’t get into the same situation as you Perez, though have you watched any of…

The Corner, Deadwood or Six Feet Under.

They come as recommendations from friends who finished watching The Wire and needed something just as good to take it’s place! :slight_smile:

deadwood is great, it has everything you want in a series: violence, strong language, nudity, scenes of a sexual nature etc…

best things HBO ever did; Band of Brothers and The Pacific

haven’t seen all of the pacific yet, got one episode left to watch, and got band of brothers on blu-ray on thursday, can’t wait

Pacific wasn’t as good as Band of Brothers. I found Vampire Diaries and True Blood fairly addicted. I’m watching LOST season 4 at the mo. The plots all over the place, I think they’ve lost it. :slight_smile:

The Wire was pretty good, loved the fat black Mayor dude who says Shiiiiiiittttt a lot. :smiley:


+1 on both points!

Clay Davis is the guy that says shhheeeeiiiittt!!! you tube it!! there are a few funny remix spoofs.

@ Jasoon

No i have not seen, or heard of, any of those series’. I will look into them know, thanks for the reccomendation.

yes see it all great stufffbones, is another good one,shiled, the unit, now do crimanal minds, not as good but ok:D

Try The Shield , a bit more lightweight than The Wire , but just as addictive.

I saw a couple of episodes of the Wire on cable, was hooked, went and bought the full boxed set, did the same immediately afterwards with the Sopranos, no idea why I hadn’t watched it first time round.

The full series of the Wire followed by the Sopranos called for some serious TV watching, this left something of a void afterwards;)


The Shield rocks!! As you can tell I’m addicted to stuff like this…All hail the Pirate Bay!! :slight_smile:
I do not suffer the couch potatoe sins:

Thou shalt not covert ITV shite!
Thou shalt mask thy true ip address at all times.
HBO giveth, Burnmonkey watcheth away.


Best thing on tv. Ever

The Wire kind of passed me by until the BBC showed the entire series back to back a few months back. Being the good Guardian reader I am, I was aware of it but it had thus far only been on FX.

Needless to say, I was utterly gripped and thought it was compelling television. Just the sheer scope of it was breathtaking. I managed to miss the truncated last series (although they are sitting on the server waiting for me to watch them…).

I think the fact it hadn’t entered mainstream consciousness was part of the appeal. The second the general public start raving about something, for me the shutters come down and I’m not interested. Case in point the Sopranos; having seen the first series I think it’s possibly the most overrated TV show ever.

If you’re looking for other series to watch, my personal opinion is that the greatest television show in the history of the medium is The West Wing. However, being a show about American politics written for Guardian readers, it’s probably not everyone’s choice.

Second recommendation would be Battlestar Galactica. Possibly the only show to rival The Wire in terms of breadth and multi-threaded plotting.

Others to mention: Six Feet Under, Studio 60, Generation Kill.

+1 on The Shield, its wicked… might give The Wire a go, had ppl tell me before it is good… :slight_smile:

im glad someone else mentioned this as i have been raving about this for a while…
it is the BEST tv show i have seen! its so complex and well thought out! it is NOT a star trek tv series but so much more! (even the wife loves it!! )

I think the fact it is sci-fi puts a lot of people off, whereas the whole point of sci-fi is to provide a setting to explore issues that couldn’t easily be discussed rationally in a contemporary drama. Good sci-fi should not be purely about the science, which is what BSG does so well. It was possibly the first drama to really come to grips with 9/11 and the ‘War on Terror’ in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, taking pains to show both sides of the discussion.

Never seen The Wire, might have to have a look into it.

Band Of Brothers & Battlestar Galactica are both excellent. A+ rating for both. The Pacific is very different to Band Of Brothers, but then the war in the Pacific was very very different to the war in Europe. Got it and it’s on the list to watch.

Watched The Shield when it was first broadcast on Five (I think) got very bored with it, just another American series about corrupt police, after watching half the first series, I just though meh, and stopped watching.