the Willow Cafe biker cafe east sussex

There’s a new biker cafe in East Sussex the Willow Cafe.

It’s on the A22 in Lower Dicker.

It’s a good job you know where it is because the cafe’s website doesn’t seem to give an address or any type of location, unless I’ve missed that bit.


lol quality website building FAIL… :slight_smile:

This must be near the HD showroom

They don’t seem able to tell us where it is - the email address doesn’t work either:w00t:

That appears to involve meals served in the middle of a field.

The postcode however, points to a much more promising location -

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Who is up for an exploration on Sunday?

Plan evolving.:slight_smile:

sounds good

but behave on the roads there sussex police have doubled there undercover traffic cars. the accident rate figures where bad (prob fiddled or bull coz its a money earner) i saw it on the telly the other day

When down that way yesterday, I did laugh to myself when I saw the “unmarked police motorcycles” sign on one of the roads. Good luck to him I say if he was out in that weather!

That didn’t last long!

Was going to stop in there last week. The website tells the sorry tale.