The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


I have an oil leak one of the gaskets has gone. and the other bike won’t start. There I will go to the pub


Er! Anyone coming? I’m here all alone!


Something you’ve heard a lot in life, you came too early…


Anyone else about this evening? I’ll probably sack it off, too, if there’s nobody going.


I’m not there, on call tonight


anyone going tonight?


Yup, going straight to the shed


see you there


First BM of the ULEZian period if that doesn’t sound too LGBT. I’m assuming here that BM is still a thing. I’ll drop by anyway albeit 2 years early for my regular BM sortie.


it is still a thing mate, we’ve been going bike shed while the weather has been on the chilly/wet side. Not sure where it is going to be held today but I’ll be there.


Sorry, I can’t make it from here :grin:


how do you know? sounds to me like you’re not even going to try! :grin:


South End is looking up.


Good seeing NT tonight, I hope the journey home wasn’t too cold!


Nice chat and thanks for the coffee. Just made it home before midnight, not too cold but maybe too soon with the summer mesh kit.

Don’t think I triggered any cameras on the way home. Still can’t get my head round the 20 limits, seems as if its all 20’s inside the North Circular. Maybe for the best to dodge all the suicidal pedestrians, cyclists, delivery riders and uncle Tom Cobley :confused:


Rar rar rar all down to the Bike Shed to celebrate Nine miles’ birthday


Come one, come all.
Borough Market tonight, it’s warm so no excuse from you fair weather riders :grin:

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but its a long way on a school night aswell:frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue: