The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


But that’ll be one of the first weeks I can’t go :frowning:


Anyone out this afternoon/evening? I’m biased towards going straight to the shed again :slight_smile:


yup I’m in, I’ll be straight to shed if peeps are around.


See you punks there


Cool, I’ll be heading straight to the bike shed for ~6:30/6:45 then.


bit late in the day, anyone going?


I was planning to make a late appearance around 8.30 pm or so. But do ppl gather still at the market or at the bike shed?


weather dependent tbh, was waiting to see feedback before a decision is made on that one.


Cool. I’m def up for either location today.


A couple of us are at the bike shed already


right then, shed it is. I’m going to leave soon see you about 5:45


If I come in an hour, I wonder, will anyone be there?


There plenty of us here. Sure they’ll still be people here…


Heading to the Ace Cafe tonight if anyone is bored.


I’m on call, I’ll see you next week…


Anyone going this week? If I manage to get one of the bikes started I’ll be there


I’m 95% yes at the moment.


Not unless you go to the ace :stuck_out_tongue:


Should still be scorcho on Wednesday so Borough Market should be good.



sounds good, I’ll head there!