The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


I’m at bm. Rob’s on his way over. No bugger else here…


I’m now 0%… One day I will make it again, but it’s difficult when I have to pass the station taking me home


anyone going tonight? we moving to the shed yet?


I’ve got no plans so if you wanna go to the shed I’m down… pretty cold to be sitting at BM for hours tho :slight_smile:


Yup, just been outside for an hour and it’s cold lol
See you all at the BikeShed. Probably 6 onwards for me.


Shed it is then.


More like 7ish for me


This thread is dauntingly big … what’s the deal with the meet ups? Are they still happening during these darker days of Christmas?


There’s a core few who do all year, though often end up going to somewhere with heating like the bike shed


If you’re thinking of coming along post a message a couple of days before, as Boris says the few of us still stupid to meet up will probably be somewhere warmer this time of year lol