The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


Anyone going? I may make an appearance


Yep, will be there, but going earlier as have to leave about 6:30… Couple of others may be there too


I’ll be there in about 20mins, hopefully


That’ll all depend on how your new sat nav works…


Anyone going along tonight?


no one?


Yeah, I’ll be there, and I’ve a suspicion that so will Rob, Gavin and Emma at least.


happy days. Will hopefully see you there.


I know its a Thursday, but ill be there this evening if anyone is passing.


Quiet tonight in ye old London town


I’ll be there next week (or the shed pending weather).


Anyone heading to Borough tonight?


Actually, I could stop by if others do… Cant stay very long but could stop for a cheeky pint.

So in Kishan terms I’m 60%


I think a bunch of the BM regulars are off to look at new bikes tonight


Cheers, I’ll swing by just in case only 50m off my path home anyways


Ah well then might head back to tidy the flat in anticipation of Mrs Serrisan and mama Serrisan coming this weekend


Hmmm new bike… :smiley: yup I’m one of them.


Got night off, so was gonna swing by around 6pm ish.


I was debating to go BM but cool kids going somewhere else. Looks like secret where when how and what for.


yes all seems very cryptic!

what am I missing?

probably just bugger off home then.