The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!


Was planning to pop by - catch you alls laters


Yep, hopefully with an engine as well :smirk:


Nothing zip ties and gaffer tape won’t be able to sort :grin:


Nervously sipping a coffee waiting for my mot. Will confirm later.


What TIME me and DAY’s do most people meet?


Wednesday, 5:30-ish onwards opposite monmouth coffee.


Who’s up for some Wednesday bike coffee, cakes and/or ice-creams?


not for me, on call tonight…

Back next week though


Who didn’t get wet enough this morning and is coming down this eve?


yup I’m probably going to drop by, supposed to only be this morning for the shower.


Unless anyone from work goes to the pub this evening, I’ll drop by for a bit

Is anyone going to The Bike Shed tonight 29/8/18?

A no from me, forgot it was Wednesday,. Plus still feeling effects from the crash :disappointed_relieved:


Did I miss something?


He crashed.


What happened Gavin? You gonna be alright?


He crashed, but it was in the woods so it doesn’t really count. Nothing too major, but it was a bit thuddy…

Who’s down at BM tonight, then?


Poor bloke. Hope you’re up and running again soon Gav


I’ll be there, with bike in loud mode :grin:


Cheers, I’m alright and the bike is too :grin:


Dual sport and adventure night at Borough tonight :+1: