The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market!

week after works better for me. So I’m in

Works for me

It’s official:

RIP borough market.

We’ll be at BM this eve. I’ll be there at some point between 6 and 7.

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For those hardy souls in town today, a few of us are meeting at the 𝗕𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗦𝗵𝗲𝗱 tonight from about 6pm. All is welcome to join.

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Great seeing some new peeps tonight and some of the old crew :+1:t2:

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zoom/skype call this week?


It’s teams now :laughing:

Zoom or House party.
People are only doing Teams cause they’ve give it away for free for 6 months lol

I’m.still on webex

I though only Skype for Business (previously known as Linq) that is being superceded by Teams, and that Personal Skype would still continue to be supported.

Has this changed? I struggle to keep up with all these new fangled chats apps, seems every 6 months a new one pops up and everyone tells me I really must use it as it’s the best one ever! I’d personally have been happy to continue using IRC all these years…

Ah IRC, now that brings back memories…

It is a bit ridiculous. Last two companies nice worked for have multiple chats/ team interaction software on top of email and the company IM system. All it means you have more places to check and end up doing less as you to from platform to platform

Then you add things like Yammer, Trello etc and you are just ping ponging between pointless sites wasting time.

(Rant over)

Currently open apps : Teams, Yammer, Slack, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp


oh and outlook ofcourse!

And no other program to do any actual work! :rofl:

Currently have word, chrome (doing desk research), excel and outlook… As well as jabber and WhatsApp (but not looking at the latter)

Skype is the consumer service and isn’t going anywhere.

Skype for Business is being retired in favour of Teams. Many organisations have already moved over. Teams is great. I’m using it to host Virtual Pub Quiz nights with friends who have never used it at the moment, along with work, obviously.

I don’t have many of those installed, but regularly have clients settings up meetings with software from Cisco, Google, Webex. With clients have crazy strict rules from their IT dept’s as to what conf call clients they’re allowed to use, it’s a minefield trying to set up a meeting that uses the right app each client can use…

Yeah, I feel the pain. There’s no real need for a thick-client nowadays, web standards have audio and video covered off. Teams works just as well in the browser as it does in their thick client app (which is just an Electron wrapper for the web-app anyhow).