The Viffer conundrum

I’ve just seen a really nice cheap 1999 Viffer 800 for sale.

It was described at one point as the best all round motorcycle in the world.

The V4 engine has been described as a masterpiece - the product of millions of yen and hard won racing experience.

It’s all the bike I need and more.

I have massive respect for this motorcycle.

But . . .

It’s so dull and middle aged looking.

It just doesn’t turn me on - when I look at it all I can think of is slippers, pipes, digestive biscuits and faithful spaniels - which is completely wrong as this is a fine handling, sporty 150mph motorcycle which represents the peak of it’s development curve.

What I really want is a 2002 GSXR 750 - but this will cost me a grand more and I’ll mostly be riding it upright on the motorway and carving through rush hour traffic which is frankly an insult to a sportsbike of this calibre.

This a real head v heart situation.

What would you do? :smiley:

Get the viffer and ride it for a while you may warm to it after some time in the saddle, if you dont like it you can always flog it on and probably not lose much

750 - you only live once, that and the viffer valve clearances (I know its a honda and they never need valves done etc etc) arent easy or cheap.

If you’re feeling that bad about the VFR you already know the answer - buy the GSXR. Whatever ride you’re doing at least you’ll be doing it on a bike you love.

True - it’s the only live once thing which I find most compelling.

I thought it was the later v-tec that was the real bugger for valve clearances?

Yeah - this is literally the ‘heart’ of the matter. Passion is a big part of motorbikes - passion tends to pip practicality for me (although the one thing I won’t tolerate is unreliability - I’d get a dull reliable bike over an exotic unreliable one if it comes to the crunch).

Yeah - true - it’s like the old adage - when your poking the fire etc :smiley:


The growl alone with make you smile!

Come down BM next week, I’ll show you what their all about. :smiley:

I think you have to love what you ride, or you might as well get the bus. I didn’t know what I wanted when I broke the Daytona other than the fact I wanted a bigger bike, so I just spent a week or so trawling ebay for bikes over 750cc. I’d never heard of an x11, but when I eventually saw it and read the specs I knew that was exactly what I wanted, no compromise necessary. If you’re not in a hurry, I would keep browsing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at the bike on some youtube vids - and it does look like a really appealing bike - particularly if you need something that will do everything - I’m actually really coming onto this bike - I love the sound of the v4.


Yep - I’m heading in that direction - it’s only a matter of time . . . :smiley:

Its all very sensible but the cost / time for DIY servicing was too much for a ‘work hack’, so i didnt buy one.

For work I went for even more of an ‘old man’s’ bike. A BMW R1100S, which has served me well for 5 years so far and is very easy to service myself.

Yeah - good choice - do the sticky out cylinders get in the way when filtering in tight jams?

Sorry to hijack the thread - but that is interesting. I’m starting to dream about my next bike(s) when I move abroad. I would like to get something that I could maintain myself, just because I’m getting old and am enjoying tinkering around in the garage (as I did as a youngster). Sure I can buy the latest technological wonder and hand it over to a dealer for servicing, but where is the fun in that? So, I will hopefully avoid the urge to buy the prettiest/fastest/bestest thing (which would be wasted on me anyway) and buy something that I can ride and enjoy, but then clean, caress and care for when the wife and daughter are driving me mad with shopping trips…

One of the old oil cooled 1200 bandits is nice for that kind of thing. Loads of space to get your hands in - for example getting the rocker cover off and adjusting the valves is a piece of piss - just adjust with a spanner - no pissing about removing cams and replacing shims.

Cool. Gonna start a list for myself…

GSF 1200 (pre 2006 I suppose)
BMW R1100S
Triumph speed triple

Well ok the last two are cheating kind of… but they are ones to consider. :cool:

The non-VTEC valve clearances aren’t bad at all. I did mine myself. Its the VTEC (2002 on) which are a pig. However, they are made with work clearances to suit tiny japanese hands, so watch your knuckles.

I’d go for the Viffer. You might find it a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’ll change the way you ride, but you will enjoy it, I can pretty much guarantee. Its not the ‘pipe and slippers’ bike its made out to be.

Thanks for the info on the servicing.

I totally get the sheep in wolfs clothing angle - it’s got a fantastic race bred v4 and is a very capable bike. I understand why people love them.