The very first Podcast

Hi all,

This evening I will be recording the very first podcast - a radio show just for those of us who ride in London.

It’ll be presented by myself and a chap called Richard Sprenger - who is very funny I promise - Cezar is coming in to chat about what is (we’re putting the podcast in iTunes to help drive membership) and I’m still crossing fingers foxy is going to come in… but what I need are some more ‘experts’ - I could do with someone to come in and talk about the weeks general motorbike news with me (which includes racing) and also someone to talk more local stories - like Price Harry.

And finally I could do with someone to come in and talk about their latest gadget / new bit of kit - I’m sure Cez will talk about his Tom Tom! Or their latest crash / pull by the police.

I’ve got the studio booked here from about 6:30 for a couple of hours - so if you’re interested please let me know and we’ll get you in here.


Please contact us and/or submit your ideas to: [email protected]

Great one, look forward to hearing it.

Well done, this can be nothing but good publicity. I think you should get cezar to talk about his cats personally, does he really love them or is there something more sinister afoot?

wow!wow! Let my family out of it! lol … My babies are untouchable! lol

Mitzy &

Now I got a squirrel that eats from my hand every evening… I named him HighRevs! He’s always on a bloody fast move. Sunday he wnt in the kitchen, bad move! Has 3 of the cats there and he kept missing the door as it’s all glass… Poor thing hit the heat many times. The cats didn’t sand a chance though.

Back to the podcast, any help tonight will be great! Come along boys and girls

I thought they were called:-

Davy Dee,
Mitch and Titch.

And, no truth in the fur farming rumour, I know you did once want to skin them when they spilt wine on the keyboard.

Pod-cast? Isn’t that Apple-ist?

How am I gonna listen to that then as I don’t wear fruit as a rule?

You can still listen to them on a PC using quick time.

Ok wanna listen but how do we?

It’ll be dead easy to listen - at some point tomorrow before the Cubana meet we’ll post the files here on - you’ll also be able to subscribe using iTunes which works on both PC and Macs and can be downloaded from here


Oooooooer sounds like fun.

Great! I really like the idea of this Matt, top work! I think if you give Cezar a microphone, you’re guaranteed hilarity mate! Hehehehe… This is a great chance to have proper discussions about biking life and get more people involved. It gets my support!

Everyone who wants to listen, get iTunes if you’ve not already got it. It runs on PC & Mac and is actually a damn good music player. I use it here to catalogue 60gig’s worth of MP3’s.

Nice one guys!!!

Which studio are you recording this at Matt?

Our studios here at UBC Media PLC

We’re the largest indy supplier to the BBC as well as a large commercial, facilities, and interactive house… if you’re interested. We’ll be recording in the Lisson Street studios.


Okay so for this podcast I have…

Cezar! That’s it! no-one else! poo! Ideally I need a sexy female voice to record the jingles… any volunteers?


lol! It was really too short notice! I can fake a girls voice?? Nah… better not…

I can’t make it tonight but I would like to come to a future one. I’m actually a sound engineer for the BBC working from broadcasting house and record lots of Radio 2 shows and engineer quie a few of the live daytime shows so if you need a hand (and i’m not working) i’d be happy to help. I can also book out our studios if you’re struggling one week.

Get you!

almost a celeb then! ?

Yes…hob nobbin with the stars, as does Matt I’m sure.

Just looking at his company’s website and it looks like he hob nobs with…Dale Winton eeek!

Sooo rather him than me!