The Ultimate Stoppie

Keep watching… The last 20 seconds are the best bit;):D:D:D:D

Mate that is class!!!

Know not good to laugh at others…

But bit of a cock I believe

:w00t: a bit too much break me thinks.:w00t:

Ouch, never felt the urge to hold hands with the guy riding next to me either?

He got a taste for the in-car stereo!

so is he a biker or a cager! :Whistling: :ermm:

I blame the little monitors they stick in the back of headrests…

No… A bit to much SUV me thinks…:w00t:

Hahahahahahha, what a plum!

Can’t beat that “fly on a windscreen” look.

Well that’s a rewind moment for a few yucks! :smiley: Yeah, gotta laugh at others when they are total nob jockies. Evil bint that I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, the only good thing about is the sound track. Saw them at Wembley in July - OMG sooooooooooo good! Ever had a 20 year dream that was even better in reality? That’s what seeing Metallica was like for me :cool:

WTF, ya just knew that was gonna end in tears,:crying:actually in the back of an SUV:w00t::hehe::w00t:

ooooooo thats not good