The UK's first roundabout

So here it is… the UK’s first roundabout (apparently) in Letchworth and some nutter who can’t keep his front wheel on the ground has decided to try his hardest to take all the tarmac off the road!!!

Cheers for the rideout guys - awesome route and roads! Looking forward to next Friday hopefully with some proper trousers!



Knee down.jpg


I know that Bloke…Ive seen his shenanighans in France !!

It was great. After 4 laps his Adam’s leg started smoking

Looking good

all i can say is !!!WAT A MAN!!! GOO ADAM!!!yes iv got my pompoms out!!!

i love it when girls get their pompoms out myself

been wanting to do that roundabout for ages! uks’s first ever roundabout! werent all that special?

shame about ‘frank thomas titanium knee sliders’ bit weak and crappy, but they where free so never mind.

was an excellent ride, 196 miles round trip starting and finishing at the ace!

That’s right outside my house ! They only put the signs up saying it’s the first roundabout about a year ago.

Yeah but JB some girls have **** pompoms and to get them out would be a waste of time not to mention embarrasing for all concerned.

'kin 'ell

That’s a bit harsh even for you

dunno what your getting at Af

that is a bit harsh si!!

but gina would agree with ya on the subject i reckon!! they aint ****, just small and petite!