The UGLIEST SuperDuke

this guy must really love micky mouse! :w00t: look at the state of it!! loads more pics online but couldnt bring myself to post them… :ermm:



yeah. ORANGE - ugh


that seat looks mighty comfy:D

hel-ar-ious! :stuck_out_tongue:

still better than the new judge Dredd bike:D

From the front it looks like I’ve crashed it, but from the back it looks cool man!

looks like buzzsaw’s bike from running man

Thats a bad word :stuck_out_tongue: Say kurcze flaki its nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not meant to be comfy… it’s where you keep your CD collection!

I admire the originality - but I really don’t think the designer has even the slightest concept of line, or proportion.

Taste is a subjective matter but it does seem to be marked by it’s absence in the case of this design.

is the designer a mate of Pierre Tereblanche?

You’re loving it! Becoming like a character from Little Britain with your own catchphrase! :smiley:

pmsl :P:D Sorry - couldn’t resist it - I’m becoming obsessed or something! :smiley:


Kurwa Mache… or somethin like that:P

HA HA HA HA HA HA bad bad word… and thats not how you spell it :smiley: Brush up on yer Polish :wink:

its ok…they didnt mean it…:frowning:

we will hunt them down and kill them:angry: for disrespecting the SD in such a way:D

Is that the same as sutener?

I couldnt workout what that reminded me of,then … it came to me .



Is that seat made of mudguards?:blink:
…or slices of burnt toast?