The Tot Freezes up like a n00b and stacks his Blade into a ditch

I purchased a Hero Go Pro for my birthday since I was impressed with the results off my mate’s cam. It was 130 delivered including memory.

Long and short of it was I was barelling around country lanes with new tyres and new bearings when the temptation of going for a blast was too much. I assessed the corner incorrectly and went in WAAY TOO early! I guess confidence from winning a wet karting race last week was still about so I went from


:arrow: THIS

So, lessons I learned were

:arrow: Farmers fields are very soft to crash on
:arrow: as a result, leathers & lid were unscuffed
:arrow: bike looks a bit muddy but fine
:arrow: make sure I have a good read of Twist of the Wrist 2 again and not get complacent
:arrow: Crash bungs did a good job of digging into the field and dragging it off.

My bike ended up looking like…

I hope people who do stack it are just as fortunate!

Ride safe and keep off the grass!

The end result should have looked like

:arrow: THIS


glad to see u came out okay man! and even better that the bike is unscuffed.

p.s. u filipino?

I hope you take this as a warning mate, it could have been a lot worse. :slight_smile:

glad you and the bike had soft landing:D

i’m not sure on your vision up ahead due to the cam postion, but it looks liek you were on the wrong side of the road goign into that bend, good job nothing was coming the other way dude!:w00t:

Yeah, from where I was braking, the road looked clear of any cars so I thought i could straight-line it. Little did I know there was a ridge (where I had my initial impact) because I had my vision focussed on what I thought was the corner exit. I didn’t anticipate it. n00b error and it definitely was a case of 100% dickheadery. I suppose not having the camera would have allowed me to recce the route properly and assess braking points etc… But many lessons learnt. Big thanks to the guys who picked me up (and not my body parts) from the ditch - 2 northern guys, one on a 08 busa, the other on a triumph sprint st… and that bloke coming the other way! :P;):cool: I suppose my cockiness from winning the wet karting race was still there!

I wouldn’t read Twist of the wrist to stop that happening again, I’d read the police or IAM book, since you were about 7 foot too far over to the right entering that bend…

Ah, Pyro,

You’re pretty close… I get it all the time, I’m Indonesian mate (though not that many speak in a cockney accent)

close enough! lol @ the cockney asianess

Oops, glad you’re ok, and amazing your bike doesn’t appear to be damaged.

Who was that guy helping you to lift it?

See, the dumb thing is that I HAVE… AND I’ve done the bikesafe… so I should have known better… I usually stick to the gutter for right handers and turn in relatively late. It was very uncharacteristic of me… which is why I put the vid up to serve a reminder to myself what happens (although it was very minor in this case) when things go wrong. I guess if I’d have not had the distraction of the cam, I wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing. Least I’m thankful for not being a statistic! :slight_smile:

worth watching.:slight_smile:

Says the man who mostly rides on the opposite side of the road! :smiley: And don’t tell me it’s for better vision, you just look a numpty sat behind a group of bikes doing it :smiley:

At least you were okay :smiley:
The wrong side of the road on a corney bit was scary, but the crash looked nice and soft :smiley: Glad you are fine :slight_smile:
Lesson learnt :slight_smile:

Accidents happen!!I had few!!But try void them!!

I think you are right about that…I’ve done the same before thinking about the video…:smiley:

Look like some sh*te roads though…new tyres…:w00t:

Good videos though…couldn’t believe you were smiling so much after just binning it…:stuck_out_tongue:

just a bit dirty thats all :stuck_out_tongue: