The tiniest little ride out ever!

Hey all, this is more of me going for a little ride out tomorrow afternoon around 7:30pmish… from the A20 down through Swanley and Crockenhill and a little further if i can…

Just getting some more practice on my bike and seeing if anyone in the area would like to join a little learner…

If not - and if you happen to be out and about that way give us a little nod!

(my bike pic might pop up massive - i’m sorry I will change it soon)

Otherwise hope to see you all on Wednesday night… (i’ll be on foot) Do i just walk up to the first person i see?

actually ignore this - i went out today to test the roads and bah humbug! need a good route - can anyone suggest anywhere?

I ended up in not so nice places with too many mini roundabouts and all signs lead to Sidcup!

Yeah it isnt great around that area unless you are prepared to go past the M25, then there looks like some nice B-roads around inside that M25/26/20 triangle, but would suggest a good map! I would offer but i am right the other side of london…

As for Wednesday night, yeap, thats pretty much it, just walk up to anyone who looks bikeish…everyones friendly, and especially ginge…

Hmmm DOH! i knew i lived on the wrong sign of London…

might go and check out the brands hatch area and see if that is any better…

I have been google mapping to see what the roads r like but i think i need experienced road users to tell me…

looking forward to tomorrow night!

Nothing wrong with Sidcup!!

I usually head out towards


and back again when I fancy a good thrashing

I dont have any planned routes, none of its motorways or dual carriageways - just lanes & all off the cuff & whatever way looks nicer at the time

i was going to say the same the lanes from brands to tonbridge great routes some good pubs(with good food)

Try this:,+0.333590&daddr=Unknown+road+%4051.143780,+0.309500+to:50.941556,0.732651+to:A259%2FPelham+Pl+%4050.855100,+0.584170&mrcr=1,2&mrsp=2&sz=11&mra=dme&sll=50.945882,0.589828&sspn=0.277311,0.6427&ie=UTF8&ll=50.948911,0.616608&spn=0.554584,1.2854&z=10&om=1

The left hander from the A228 onto the A21 is a beauty if you want to try for a left Knee Down too ;0)))

ooooo they all sound good! thanks for the ideas!! will give them ago on Saturday or Sunday and see how far i get.

I’ve only got a baby bike so i don’t think i’m quite ready for the knee down just yet!

ooo now all I have to do is wait till the weekend!

Thanks for the tips guys!


Wow that looks nice there HMcS, might have to give that one a go meself!