The thumper thumps!

After giving the carb a good clean, and figuring out the knack of starting the darn thing, it lives… £400 with a spare engine. Who could say no to this sexy wee thing!!!

you’re a lucky fucker

It’ll need about the same again in parts to get her ready for an MOT. Brakes are definitely knackered and the better engine needs a hone and rings. Good thing I have a bit of time on my hands.



Very nice
I’m well jell

No hard deadline but aiming for end of Feb, beginning of March to have it sorted and down to BM.

(notice I haven’t specified which year)

@me_groovy, you say I’m lucky but here is the shopping list before I’ve had chance to jack it up and check all the bearings…

Rear disc
Full rear caliper rebuild (seals, pads, pins, rubbers)
Brake lines front and back
Front brake seals
Front brake pads
New levers
New bars
Complete fork rebuild
Several nuts, bolts and screws I’ve had to drill out…

Going to order them drunk and then go to my happy place…

These are fine right?!?!

Not sure what is going to hurt more in the morning. My head or my bank balance…

Gotta love drunk parts buying!

I am liking the add to basket button on the eBay app. Gives you a chance to drunkenly double check you’re ordering the right parts.

Checked again this morning as to what I’ve bought. All good so far and cheaper than expected. Ergo, my head hurts…

welcome to my world

@me_groovy, I’ve got plenty of time to be proven wrong, but I think where we differ is my purchasing thought process and a level of restraint when it comes to “fixer-uppers”.

I do however know of a 1966 C90 sitting in a barn around these parts. Might go check it out in Jan.

Fuck it… I’m going to start a support group for people with too many non-running bikes and not enough time and/or money to fix them. I would graciously assign you membership number 000 if you would care to join :smiley:

Let me know.

if you’re starting it, you should be 001 and I’ll be 002

I think you need more support. Hence you should be 000 and I’ll be 001. It’s a Jobs Woz reference.

Managed to jack it up and check all the other moving parts. Only head bearings to replace. There is a lot of movement in them. A lot.

Carried on with the strip down today as you can see above.

Call me when you get to 007. Wouldn’t want to miss out :smiley:

^^^ will do. You need more than one bike to join though…

It’s like Christmas all over again!!!