The Sun Dream Team

Anybody doing/done a team with The Sun? It’s completely free. If there’s a good few of us, I’ll make a league for London Bikers.

If you want to chuck some money in a pot, say £5 or something (winner takes all) to make it more interesting, then let me know.

£50m, 11 players.

You could write what I knows about football on the back of an 1870 ½d bantam

But hey ho I’m in

I do the FA dream team.

Some of us wouldn’t use that rag to wipe our arses.

Not interested, I cancelled my broadband because it is now associated with Murdoch.

Still I was very happy they erected the paywall around the Sun, I now isolates it’s crap journalism in the name to peoples interest from the rest of us. Now if only the Daily Mail & Express would do that.