The stupidiest feeling ....

… is when you twat your own bike, as I did when I parked on soft gravel and she dug in , breaking the mirror support and the mirror bolts on the left hand side.

Now only 6 WEEKS later ffs.

I had parked on a camber on a small road, back tyre against kerb at 90 degrees.

Started up, got to middle of road, turn and forgot about the steep camber… she falls away from me on the LH side (nearside) , I drop my foot but can’t hold it ) …Crash

Flip me…scratched fairing and bust windsheild this time … and the stupid feeling of having 4 passers by rush to pick me up :blush:

Ah well another £150 down the drain at the Ducati spares shop and a fair bit of scratch buffering… I should know better now after all these years of riding… :crazy::blush::crying:

In regards to your first incident, always fear the Ducati sidestand (particularly the air cooled 1,000 cc engine - I went through two mounting bolt setups in three years). And take a can of Irn-Bru, crushed, to act as a levelling platform everywhere.

As regards the second, could happen to most of us.

You’re on fire, Ross! Have to be more careful than that! Even though it’s just a thing, it costs money every time you do it. And we don’t want regular “news” from you, do we? :slight_smile:

Crash bungs and crash barends?

Perhaps a slightly more stable bike?

Aaahh cock. That is just horrible and not a great feeling at all. I’ve got engine bars on the bike and hopefully they will take the brunt of any small incidents like that… but does not stop that gut wrenching feeling as the bike drops away.

Thanks all !:smiley: But Monkimark NEVER! :w00t:

Yep I got off lightly both times on the fairing side of things… but crash bars on order now…