The sound of things to come...

What? One day of rain, hardly worth the effort in shaking ones fist. Excellent result if you care to take a look at other years when they have had hideous weather.

I think the powers that be have found they shot themselves in ones foot but we shall find out more in due time no doubt :slight_smile:

Ratty46 (15/06/2009)

Not just the TT - the majority of personal transport in the future will either be electric or possibly hydrogen powered as far as I can see.

I would imagine it was a great deal to do with publicity as well as racing.

garret (15/06/2009)

and again i think they are boring and i very much doubt i will see them in general use in my lifetime, give me a proper living breathing engine anytime.

Can’t see why it wasn’t done sooner :Whistling:

Should really catch on :smiley:

oh no sinclair C5’s…

Saw one in a private collection at the IOM Jogged my memory :hehe:

It’s the future - I didn’t like the idea at first - but the idea that we all get around by burning the processed bodies of sea creatures that died millions of years ago - a finite and polluting resource - seems weird and archaic.There are serious issues surrounding all of the technologies available - but the writing is on the wall for petrol - and bio-fuel competes with food production so that is a dead end.

I reckon this Electric or Hydrogen fuel cell technology will come on stream in a decade.

In 30 years internal combustion vehicles will appear to the younger people of that era in much the same way as steam trains do to us - noisy, smelly and powered by a finite resource.

People have talked off these vehicles running a sound emitting device - both for safety and to please a culture which associates noise with vehicles.

Here you go, food for though… this is about the closest thing I could find that could show the future, and yes it is a game… but hey, I can really see this happening, the bikes even have similar looks:)

I can imagine these things zooming at 300mph+++

what exactly have you been smoking dude!?:D:w00t:

looking into the future